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    • Stellenbosch_Visio_cover
      30 December 2015

      Stellenbosch Visio - Introducing Skin Renewal!

      Skin Body & Health Renewal is an aesthetic and anti-ageing company focusing on a holistic approach. Read More
    • Vrouekeur_logo_resize
      29 December 2015

      Vrouekeur - 6 Velsorg Wenke!

      Volg hierdie wenke om jou vel jonk en gesond te hou! Read More
    • people_mag_logo_resize
      23 December 2015

      People Magazine - Honeymoon Hotlist

      Advanced Gel SPF 50 By Heliocare available at Skin Renewal! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      22 December 2015

      2Ocean’sVibe - Brain Renewal!

      Is 2016 The Year Of The Brain Renewal? Read More
    • 702_radio_logo_resize
      21 December 2015

      Radio 702 - IV Infusions

      Sizwe & Gugu of @Radio702 Night Talk chat to Dr Burt Jooste on IV Infusions! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      18 December 2015

      2Ocean’s Vibe - Brain Renewal

      Abstract Aimee chats about Brain Renewal on 2Ocean'sVibe Radio! Read More
    • Pretoria_News_logo_resize
      17 December 2015

      Pretoria News - IV Infusions!

      A drip at a time! Read More
    • cape_argus_logo_resize
      16 December 2015

      Cape Argus - IV Infusions

      Skin brightening by injecting the anti oxidant glutathione into your bloodstream is the latest rage! Read More
    • daily_news_logo
      15 December 2015

      Daily News - IV Infusions

      Celebs tout IV drips that lighten skin Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      14 December 2015

      2OceansVibe - Sun damage!

      Everything You Don’t Want To Hear But Need To Know Before You Step Into The Sun This Summer! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      12 December 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the expert about Detoxing the skin!

      Are you supposed to “detox” your skin from time to time? Read More
    • Essays_of_Africa_-_Dec_2015_cover
      10 December 2015

      Essays of Africa - Vitamin A or C?

      What is important to your skin? Read More
    • the_bay_cover_Dec
      09 December 2015

      The Bay - Great gifting ideas for Christmas!

      Spoil your loved one this Christmas with Skin Renewal's signature Mesoglow facial! Read More
    • BSA-logo-160x78
      05 December 2015

      Beauty South Africa- Ask the experts about Hair Removal!

    • Spice4Life_Logo
      01 December 2015

      Spice4life - Fraxel Dual - a game changer

      FraxelTM DUAL – A Game Changer In The Aesthetics Industry Read More
    • IAfrica_logo
      01 December 2015

      IAfrica - Siya Ncobo

      The Skin Renewal Diaries: Entry 2 - Siya Ncobo shares his experience at Skin Renewal! Read More
    • BSA-logo-160x78
      30 November 2015

      Beauty South Africa- Ask the experts about Birth Control!

    • BSA_Logo
      30 November 2015

      BeautySA - Ask the Experts!

      I want to take extra precautions in the sun – what can I do? Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      26 November 2015

      2OceansVibe - Fraxel Dual!

      This Is What You Need To Know About Fraxel Dual! Read More
    • A2_logo
      25 November 2015

      A2Aesthetics - Fraxel Dual!

      New! Fraxel™ DUAL at Skin Renewal for Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation! Read More
    • Mix_FM_logo
      24 November 2015

      Mix Fm Interview - The Success Show

      Chris & Suzanne Styles interviewed Skin Renewal's founder Dr Maureen & CEO Victor Snyders! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      23 November 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Experts!

      I’m getting cellulite, but I’m not overweight – help! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      20 November 2015

      2Ocean’sVibe - Liquid Facelift!

      The Treatment That Will Make You Look Refreshed In Just Over A Week! Read More
    • Spice4Life_Logo_2
      18 November 2015

      Spice4Life -  Fraxel™ DUAL

      Skin Rejuvenation With The New Fraxel™ DUAL! Read More
    • IAfrica_logo
      12 November 2015

      The Skin Renewal Diaries: First entry

      Siya Ngcobo( shares his new series and journey to treat his adult acne! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      09 November 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Experts!

      How effective is ingestible sunscreen? Read More
    • my_joburg_logo_resize
      03 November 2015

      My Joburg - Fraxel DUAL!

      Fraxel DUAL – a game changer in the aesthetic industry! Read More
    • Screen_Shot_2015-12-10_at_2.08.24_PM
      02 November 2015

      The Bay Magazine - Fraxel Dual

      Dr Bianca talks about the Fraxel Dual, the latest technology available at Skin Renewal Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      31 October 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Experts!

      Is my night cream rubbing off on my pillow a night? Read More
    • True_Love_Bridal_cover
      30 October 2015

      True Love Bride - Beauty Countdown!

      Your ultimate bridal beauty countdown to ensure you look (and feel) flawless on your big day! Read More
    • Seeff_Aug_cover
      27 October 2015

      Seeff - Fraxel Dual!

      It is that time of the year where everyone frantically tries to tick off their to do lists! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      23 October 2015

      2Ocean’s Vibe - 3D Rhinoplasy!

      You Actually Don’t Have To Go ‘Under The Knife’ To Have Work Done On Your Face! Read More
    • lapelle_logo
      22 October 2015

      Lapelle - Threading: the future of beauty is here!

      Is this new treatment the end of surgical facelifts, laser & injectables? It just might be? Read More
    • Spice4Life_Logo_2
      20 October 2015

      Spice4Life - Introducing Dermaspring Threads!

      If you thought dermal fillers and botulinum injections made you look great, meet Dermaspring Threads Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      19 October 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Expert!

      Which is more important for your skin – vitamin A or C? Read More
    • Fairlady_-_Oct_cover
      14 October 2015

      Fairlady - Beauty Therapy!

      If you're undergoing chemo and radiotherapy, your skin takes an unexpected knock! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      10 October 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Expert

      What is the difference between freckles and pigmentation? Read More
    • Clicks_Club_cover
      09 October 2015

      Click Club - Hate Suncreen? Read this!

      You've heard the cancer warnings and know full well that sun exposure ages your skin! Read More
    • TFG_Logo
      08 October 2015

      Foshini Club - The Brotox Code!

      Would you use injectables to retain your youth, or are you happy to ride the ageing train? Read More
    • IOL_Logo
      06 October 2015

      IOL Lifestyle - Collagen for Skin!

      Collagen stimulation is well known as the secret to younger-looking skin! Read More
    • Dossier_Logo
      01 October 2015

      Dossier - The Miracle Thread!

      Skin Renewal introduces the latest non-surgical facelift treatment! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      29 September 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Experts

      Can dairy products make my skin flare up? Read More
    • network_24
      28 September 2015

      North Eastern Tribune - Bird conservation a concern

      Please, can I draw your attention to a community-spirited company called Skin,Body & Health Renewal. Read More
    • Seeff_Aug_cover
      27 September 2015

      Seeff - 3D Liquid Facelift!

      Turn back the clock at Skin Renewal! Read More
    • women_24_logo_2
      25 September 2015

      Women 24 - How to get that lit-from-within skin look!

      Our very own Charlize Theron again relies on microdermabrasion treatments available at Skin Renewal! Read More
    • North_glen_logo
      23 September 2015

      NorthGlen News - Skin Renewal Umhlanga

      A new approach to skin care! Read More
    • my_joburg_logo_resize
      21 September 2015

      My - Stress Management!

      Tips on managing stress – Dr Maureen Allem from Skin Renewal! Read More
    • Lipgloss_my_life
      15 September 2015

      Lipgloss is my life blog - Exilis Review

      Review: Exilis skin tightening facial at Skin & Body Renewal with before and after pics! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      14 September 2015

      2OceansVibe - Non-Surgical Facelift!

      Remember Renée Zellweger’s Transformation? It Can Be Done Without Surgery! Read More
    • A2_Aesthetics
      09 September 2015

      A2Aesthetics & Anti Ageing - Radiesse

      Rejuvenate Ageing Hands with Radiesse®! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      08 September 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Pigmentation!

      Nothing works for my pigmentation – what more can I do? Read More
    • Ontbytsake_logo_2
      07 September 2015

      Ontbytsake - About Skin Renewal!

      We recently got featured on Ontbytsake , get a sneak peek at our lovely Fourways branch! Read More
    • Longevity_Live_new-logo_resize
      05 September 2015

      Longevity Live - Detox

    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      02 September 2015

      2OceansVibe - Looking after your skin!

      Only starting to look after your skin now? It’s not too late, but you’ll need to do this... Read More
    • women_24_logo_2
      01 September 2015

      Women 24 - Dark under eye circles

      How to cover dark under eye circles? Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      31 August 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Experts

      I have really giant pores, is it possible to shrink them? Read More
    • Spice4Life_Logo_2
      28 August 2015

      Spice4Life - Inspiring Women

      Inspiring Women: Dr Maureen Allem Read More
    • cosmopolitan-logo-1
      27 August 2015

      Cosmopolitan Online - Permanent Make up

      Here’s where you can get semi-permanent brow tattoo’s! Read More
    • Sowetan-live-Logo
      26 August 2015

      Sowetan Live - Body Scarring

      We all tend to envy super models who have flawless bodies, but most importantly, flawless skin! Read More
    • BSA-logo-160x78
      24 August 2015

      Beauty South Africa - Ask the Experts

      I use active ingredients – can a face brush harm my skin? Read More
    • Sowetan_Aug_Scarring
      24 August 2015

      Sowetan - How to prevent scarring!

      Scarring can cause discomfort and embarrassment! Read More
    • Marie_Claire_cover
      21 August 2015

      Marie Claire - Revitalising cosmetic treatments!

      What are facial mists? The new generation of facial mists are much more than fragranced water! Read More
    • Glamour_logo
      19 August 2015

      Glamour online - Preventing Wrinkles!

      10 Tips to keep wrinkles at bay Read More
    • fwa-2015-jun-jul-ofc
      14 August 2015

      Forbes Africa Women - Fix yourself up!

      Cosmetic doctor Maureen Allem's booming business offer aesthetic treatments to the young & old! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      04 August 2015

      2OceansVibe - Anti Ageing treatments!

      The funny thing about ageing, is that young people think it will never happen to them! Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      03 August 2015

      Longevity - Cold comfort!

      Protect your skin against the ravages of winter! Read More
    • Longevity_Live_new-logo_resize
      23 July 2015

      Longevity Live - How to avoid looking Fake!

      How to Avoid Looking Fake When Choosing An Aesthetic Treatment! Read More
    • rooi_rose_logo
      21 July 2015

      Rooi Rose - 10 Velsorgwenke

      Dr. Maureen Allem, aestetiese dokter en stigter van Skin Renewal gee die volgende 10 velsorgwenke! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      16 July 2015

      2OceansVibe - Podcast

      Missed our interview with Dr. Shahra from Skin Renewal on the truth behind Embedded Threading? Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      16 July 2015

      Longevity - Living the Brand!

      Here is a selection of experts who are in the business of anti ageing, health & wellness! Read More
    • Longevity_Live_new-logo_resize
      14 July 2015

      Longevity Live - PDO Thread-lift!

      Ageing: Miracu Thread-lift – What You Need to Know! Read More
    • A2_logo
      13 July 2015

      A2Aesthetics & Anti-ageing - Skin Renewal 10 years in business!

      Skin, Body & Health Renewal has hit double digits and is celebrating its 10th Birthday since opening Read More
    • Cliff_central_logo
      09 July 2015

      Cliff Central - Podcast

      Skin Renewal - From Small Operation To National Powerhouse Read More
    • Black-Ivory-Logo1
      07 July 2015

      Black Ivory - A Skin Renewal

      My quest for the ultimate treatments utilising the latest technologies has led me to Skin Renewal! Read More
    • The_bay_cover
      01 July 2015

      The Bay - Anti Ageing for the winter months

      Daily use of products with active ingredients, such as Retinol, are highly recommended! Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      29 June 2015

      Longevity - More than Skin Deep!

      What are the most pressing skin-aging concerns? Dr Allem comments on enlarged pores! Read More
    • Balanced_Life_-_Vanity_Fair_-_1_January_-_Pg_50-52
      26 June 2015

      Longevity - Cheeks & Chin!

      As you age, your facial features change noticeably! Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      25 June 2015

      Longevity - Hanging by a Thread!

      The latest non-surgical facelift treatment – PDO Threadlift – is creating a stir! Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      24 June 2015

      Longevity - Anti-ageing Investigation!

      So, you are considering an Aesthetic Treatment? The experts offer some sound advice! Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      23 June 2015

      Longevity - On Trend!

      We look at the most popular aesthetic treatments for all skin types! Read More
    • Longevity_cover_May_2015
      22 June 2015

      Longevity - New Beauty!

      Your top to toe anti-ageing special! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      17 June 2015

      2OceansVibe - Treatments for Males!

      The Rise and Rise of Male Skin Treatments! Read More
    • Cosmetic_web
      16 June 2015

      Cosmetic Web - Silhouette Soft!

      NEW at Skin Renewal Clinics - Silhouette Soft? threadlift! Read More
    • A2_Aesthetic__Anti_ageing_cover_June_2015
      15 June 2015

      A2 Aesthetic & Anti ageing - Cream of the Crop

      Colorscience sets the standard for `100% healthy colour cosmetics! Read More
    • CET2_Jun_2015_web_317_379
      15 June 2015

      Cape Etc - Well-being

      Relax and unwind at one of these fine spas! Read More
    • cape_etc
      15 June 2015

      Cape Etc - Top 5 Spas

    • Balanced_life_Spa_Review_Jue_2015_cover
      10 June 2015

      Balanced Life - Oasis Spa Review

      To achieve best results with any anti-ageing programme, it is important to have a treatment plan! Read More
    • Sunday-Times_resize
      09 June 2015

      Sunday times - Vampire Facial!

      Vampire facials, 'Loub Jobs' & other wonderfully weird beauty treatments! Read More
    • Seeff_cover_May_2015
      01 June 2015

      Seeff - Exilis/Tatania Rejuvenating Treatments

      Skin & Body Renewal is always on the lookout for treatments showing the most effective results! Read More
    • Fairlady-June-2015
      22 May 2015

      Fair Lady - The A-Z of Ageing beautifully

      Here are the essential secret tips and tricks for recreating and maintaining that gorgeous glow! Read More
    • Bicycling_May_2015_cover
      01 May 2015

      Bicycling - Skin Deep

      Skin cancer might be one of the biggest threats to cyclists! Read More
    • Women__Home_May_2015_cover
      01 May 2015

      Women & Home - You loved it!

      Wonderful review on a Skin Renewal prize that boosted a clients confidence! Read More
    • Get_it_May_2015_cover
      01 May 2015

      Get it: Be-you-tiful

      Mom will be delighted to add these beauty besties to her collection! Read More
    • The_Bugle_May_2015_cover
      24 April 2015

      The Bugle - About Skin, Body & Health Renewal

      Skin, Body & Health Renewal approaches anti-ageing in a holistic and integrated manner! Read More
    • The_Crest_Cover
      02 April 2015

      The Crest - Skin Renewal at Camp Orchards

      The team at Skin Renewal invited special guests to an intimate gathering at Camp Orchards, Hillcrest Read More
    • Get_it_cover_april
      27 March 2015

      Get It - Skin Renewal welcome evening

      Skin Renewal held a welcome evening to celebrate their branch, toasting to a new chapter! Read More
    • Maire_Claire_cover_April_2015
      17 March 2015

      Marie Claire - Anti-age your hands

      You can 'fake it till you make it' but your hands will never lie! Read More
    • Cape_Etc_March_2015_cover
      13 March 2015

      Cape Etc - Well-being

      Relax and unwind at one of these fine spas Read More
    • Seeff_Feb_2015
      01 February 2015

      Seeff - Sun damage and dehydration after the holidays!

      The sun beating down on your skin can cause visible signs of ageing! Read More
    • Mercury-Newspaper-9771016821002
      01 February 2015

      The Mercury- Reversing Sun Damage

      There are a number of treatments for sun damaged skin, but rule number 1 is always protection Read More