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    • BSA_Logo
      14 December 2018

      BSA - Sun damaged skin

      Yes, it’s never too late to start treating sun damaged skin. Read More
    • Spice4Life-Logo-2
      13 December 2018

      Spice4Life - Beating Blackheads

      How to beat blackheads with BHA Read More
    • xBSA_Logo
      12 December 2018

      Beauty SA ~ Eczema

      Are you confusing your eczema with psoriasis? Read More
    • Life--style-radio
      14 November 2018

      Life & Style Radio - Injectable Treatments

      Dr Michelle Blom discussed injectable treatments, with Life & Style Radio Read More
    • Life--style-radio
      17 October 2018

      Life & Style Radio - Body Shaping Treatments

      Dr Abbey discussed Body Shaping Treatments with Life & Style Radio Read More
    • prettiful_blog_logo
      28 June 2018

      Prettiful Blog - Skin Renewal Journey Part 2

      It is time for an update on My Skin Renewal Journey, I am four treatments in... Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      21 June 2018

      Beauty SA - Your skin & inflammation

      We look at three common inflammation issues relating to skincare, and what do about them.  Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      11 June 2018

      Beauty South Africa - Winter Treatments

      We share eight treatments to spoil yourself with this winter.. Read More
    • Private_edition_logo_new
      11 June 2018

      Private Edition - Holistic skincare

      Doctors have always recognised the benefits of living well, but now more than ever.. Read More
    • southlands-sun
      01 June 2018

      Southlands Sun - Ageing Hands

      Tips to help keep your hands looking younger Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      21 May 2018

      2Ocean’sVibe: Ways to look younger

      4 Ways to guarantee you’ll look younger for longer! Read More
    • One-Stiletto-at-a-time
      18 May 2018

      One Stiletto at a Time - My Top Pimple Fighters

      Abby Buchanan shares her top pimple fighters - Lamelle Clarity. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      16 May 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Skincare damage control list

      The only skincare damage control list you’ll ever need! Read More
    • 3kids-2dogs-one-old-house
      11 May 2018

      3kids2dogsand1oldhouse - Skin update perspective

      Cindy Alfino shares an update on her skin's journey and puts it in perspective! Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      25 April 2018

      2 Oceans Vibe: Read this is you’re having problems with your dark skin

      When it comes to information pertaining to looking after your skin, features seem to lack info Read More
    • BSA-logo-160x78
      23 April 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Ingredients you shouldn’t use together

      Serums, potions, lotions – we understand better than most that they are super fun to experiment with Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      20 April 2018

      2 Oceans Vibe: The Struggle Is Real, Get Rid Of The Double-Chin

      As time ticks away & our bodies start to change, we notice more and more that, oh, there’s another.. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      16 April 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Double-cleansing! What is it, and should you be doing it?

      The words ‘double-cleansing’ are having a definite moment.. Read More
    • Private_edition_logo_new
      10 April 2018

      Private Edition: Medicine for beautiful skin

      If you’re going to let someone put chemicals on your face in the name of anti-ageing... Read More
    • prettiful_blog_logo
      09 April 2018

      Prettiful Blog: My Skin Renewal Journey- Part One

      A while ago I was asked by Skin Renewal, part of the Renewal Institute if I was keen to experience.. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      03 April 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Everyday ways to lighten pigmentation

      Pigmentation is the bane of many a woman’s life. It can crop up seemingly out of nowhere... Read More
    • Business_Essentials_Logo
      19 February 2018

      Business Essentials: Jett Plasma | Beautiful skin all year round

      For most of us, keeping our skin looking youthful and healthy is a Herculean challenge. Read More
    • Business_Essentials_Logo
      19 February 2018

      Business Essentials: Vampire Facial | anti-ageing treatments

      Kim Kardashian put the vampire facial on the map by posting some photos of herself on social media.. Read More
    • mums-mail-logo-website
      15 February 2018

      Mum’s Mail- Dad, are you looking after your skin?

      We all know about ‘dad bod’ & that’s pretty understandable. If you’re running after kids it’s hard. Read More
    • Business_Essentials_Logo
      15 February 2018

      Business Essentials: Redermalization | Anti-ageing treatment

      Redermalization is a unique anti-ageing treatment that particularly addresses the causes of ageing. Read More
    • Private_edition_logo_new
      15 February 2018

      Private Edition: Summer of (skin) love

      The experts at Skin Renewal treat skin with the seasons in mind. Take heed of this advice... Read More
    • Hello-Joburg-logo
      15 February 2018

      Hello Joburg: Reversing Damage From Your Youth With Skin Renewal

      The term ‘prevention is better than cure’ is one we’re all familiar with. Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      09 February 2018

      2 Oceans Vibe: Have you seen the KykNET Extreme Makeover?

      What do Isabel Terblanche, Gerda van Tonder and Daleen van Pletzen have in common? Read More
    • Longevity_Live_new-logo_resize
      15 January 2018

      Longevity Live: How Toxic Is Your Beauty Regime?

      Your skin plays an important role in your health, and your beauty. Read More
    • Business_Essentials_Logo
      15 January 2018

      Business Essentials: 4 Pillars of Anti Ageing

      Perfection portrayed in magazines and in the movies, normal women have a distorted perception. Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      12 January 2018

      Read This If You Maxed Out In The Sun These Holidays

      Soaking up the rays is a pastime enjoyed by many, but you should probably start to reconsider. Read More
    • people_mag_logo_resize
      06 January 2018

      Understanding the different types of pigmentation

      PIGMENTATION is a condition that South African women often struggle with. Read More Read More