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    • Get_it_1_Dec_2014
      10 December 2014

      Get it Joburg North - Here comes summer!

      Summer hols. Bikini's and cocktails, suntans and parties, flipflops and lipgloss... we're in heaven! Read More
    • Sunday-Times
      05 December 2014

      Sunday Times - Here comes summer!

      December is here, and with it soaring temperatures and UV levels! Read More
    • Destiny_Man_1_Dec_2014_cover
      01 December 2014

      Destiny Man - Acquisition Target!

      Pump up the protection factor, sun here we come! Read More
    • Longevity_Dec_2014
      01 December 2014

      Longevity- Changing Faces

      Have some celebrities taken their anti-aging addiction a step too far? Read More
    • The_Ridge_cover_Nov_2014
      01 November 2014

      The Ridge - Investing in beauty!

      The quest to eternal youth has spawned an industry that generates billions of rands a year! Read More
    • The_Crest_cover_Nov_2014
      01 November 2014

      The Crest - Investing in Beauty

      The quest for eternal youth has spawned an industry that generates billions of rands a year! Read More
    • November_Longevity
      01 November 2014

      Longevity- Skin Sense

      The key to youthful skin and healthy cell renewal is exfoliation Read More
    • Womens_Health_Oct_2014_cover
      01 October 2014

      Women’s Health - Do you need a thin-ter-ven-tion?

      Give yourself a volume boost with this foolproof plan! Read More
    • September_Longevity_2014
      01 September 2014

      Longevity- Spot On!

      It always happens, doesn’t it? That big meeting, school reunion, running into your ex-boyfriend.... Read More
    • marie-claire-9-september-2014
      01 September 2014

      Marie Claire - The Best Skin Renewal

      Top five products for achieving younger, fresher looking skin! Read More
    • Vrouekeur_22_Aug_2014_cover
      22 August 2014

      Vrouekeur - Fantastiese Velredders!

      Behandel algemene velprobleme met die produkte! Read More
    • August_longevity
      01 August 2014

      Longevity- Smiling Bright!

      Did you know that your smile changes as you age? Here’s how to keep that youthful beam. Read More
    • MARIE_CLAIRE_Cover_Aug
      01 August 2014

      Marie Claire Fixes - Eyes Carboxy and Filler

      Carboxytherapy, also known as ‘miracle gas’, is a non-invasive treatment... Read More
    • CET2_Jun_2014_web
      01 July 2014

      Cape Etc - Well-Being

      A range of treatments and experiences for the spa devotee! Read More
    • Volksblad_Leefstyl_LOGO
      27 June 2014

      Volksblad - Spuit jou plooie weg

      Ouderdom druk metter­ tyd sy stempel op almal af. Read More
    • Die_Burger_Leefstyl_LOGO
      04 June 2014

      Die Burger - Versag jou plooie met ‘n spuitnaald

      Ouderdom druk mettertyd sy stempel op almal af. Read More
      01 June 2014

      Wellness Warehouse - Every man’s guide to groomed brows

      Let’s face it... nobody likes a monobrow. Read More
      01 June 2014

      Wellness Warehouse - Skin Renewal

      The concept of skin needling is based on the skin’s ability to repair itself Read More
    • Longevity_May%3AJne2014
      01 June 2014

      Longevity- Temples and Eyelids

      Aesthetic specialists and plastic surgeons share their top strategies for face and body... Read More
      20 May 2014

      Beeld - Spuit jou plooie weg

      Dove wil SA meisies selfvertroue leer Read More
      06 May 2014

      STAR AFRICA, THE, Verve

      Can Beauty Gadget Roll Back Years? Read More
    • Longevity_May%3AJne2014
      01 May 2014

      Longevity-Beauty Jab

      Buyers beware: common non-invasive aesthetic procedures could be a ticking timebomb... Read More
    • South_Coast_Sun_Cover_-_April
      18 April 2014

      South Coast Sun

      Freemasons to meet Read More
    • South_Coast_Sun_Cover_-_April
      11 April 2014

      South Coast Sun

      21 Club's 'evergreen' lunch a sell-out Read More
    • People_Magazine_Cover_11_April_small
      11 April 2014

      People Magazine

      Carboxytherapy The Miracle Gas Read More
    • Your_Family_Cover_April_small
      01 April 2014

      Your Family

      Back to Basics Read More
    • Seeff_April_2014
      01 April 2014

      SEEFF - Dermapen

      Build precious collagen with the new Dermapen! Read More
    • Seeff_march_2014
      01 March 2014

      SEEFF - Sunscreen myths & truths

      Buying sunscreen is as mindboggling as standing in the vitamin aisle! Read More
    • Get_It_Cape_Town_-_February_Cover
      01 February 2014

      Get It Cape Town

      Queen of Beauty Read More
    • Cosmopolitan_-_February_Cover
      01 February 2014


      The truth about FAD health and beauty treatments Read More
    • O_Magazine_-_February_Cover
      01 February 2014

      O Magazine - Your Skin

      Here's a guide to treating lines and spots, dimples and droops, so you can look younger! Read More
    • ELLE_-_January_Cover
      01 January 2014


      Skin Deep Read More
    • ELLE_-_January_Cover
      01 January 2014


      Original Skin Read More
    • Balanced_Life_-_January_Cover
      01 January 2014

      Balanced Life

      Vanity Fair Read More
    • O_Magazine_-_Jan_2014_Cover
      01 January 2014

      O Magazine - Adventures Beauty

      Eager to get your beauty bearings or eager to plot a bold new course, you'll find brilliant ideas! Read More