Not all plasma pens are created equally

Not all plasma pens are created equally

Imagine for a second that your car broke down. Would you be comfortable with buying a part on Gumtree and trying to install it yourself using a YouTube tutorial? Now think about what you'd do if your hairdresser moved to another city. Would you attempt to do your own highlights using box dye? Chances are your answer's a resounding "no". You don't have to be a mechanic or stylist to know the results would never be half as good as if you'd gone to a pro using the right tools and products. So, why would anyone want to take this risk when it comes to their face? 

Unfortunately, in an expensive world where a little DIY could potentially save you money, many people are buying inferior salon-style beauty tools and attempting to do something that really should be left to an expert. At one point it was skin needling machines, and now it's plasma pens. The thing is, not all plasma pens are created equally and, in the wrong hands, the results with ANY pen could be disastrous. 

But wait! What's a plasma pen? 

A plasma pen is a device used to perform plasma fibroblast therapy. It involves using a pen-like device to target small areas of the skin with a high-frequency electric current. The pen doesn't even have to touch your skin—the current moves between its delicate tip and your skin to create a micro-injury. (Don't worry, it doesn't hurt if you're using a medical-grade pen and seeing a professional such as those you'll find at Skin Renewal. We also use a numbing cream so, if anything, you'll feel a flash of heat – not pain.) This tiny wound encourages the creation of new collagen and causes a tightening of the tissue. When used in a controlled way, and by a skilled hand, the results are skin tightening and an improvement in skin texture. However, plasma pens are best known for their ability to perform a knife-free eyelid lift!

Jett Plasma Eyelid Before and after

Sounds great, where can I get one?

Not so fast! As we said, not all plasma pens are created equally. While it might be tempting to snap up a cheap one you'll find online; you'll be opening yourself up to a whole new world of potential problems. For starters, cheaper and inferior devices use much lower frequencies than those of professional devices. They also need to be held much closer to the skin. Both of these factors can lead to painful shock-like sensations! 

Another reason you want to see a pro? The application of the treatment makes a huge difference. In the same way, you can't just inject botulinum toxin into your face willy nilly; you need to apply the plasma pen in the right places to get the desired results. If not, you could end up with complications such as asymmetry, significant long-lasting swelling, infection, scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). In the end, any potential "saving" could quickly become an expensive nightmare to fix. This is why it's imperative to see an experienced operator such as our Skin Renewal doctors and therapists. 

See a pro, reap the benefits

If you're worried about eyelids that are starting to droop or just want to rejuvenate in general, get in touch with us today. Our doctors will be able to assess your skin's condition and advise if you're a candidate for a plasma pen treatment or another more suitable solution. If the former could sort you out, you'll be in good hands and treated using a medical-grade device. Also, your skin will be prepped for up to four weeks before the treatment using pigmentation-inhibiting products and skin-strengthening ingredients. This critical prep will dramatically reduce your risk of scarring and post-inflammatory pigmentation. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to your face, don't take a risk. Rather see an expert using professional tools, then you'll get to enjoy the very best possible results. 

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