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Giving back to the wider community, and engendering a sense of empathy for the less fortunate is integral to the Skin Renewal ethos. 

Since its inception, the Skin Renewal team has been actively engaged with numerous community initiatives from assisting children in need through organisations such as Children of Fire and the Twilight children to participating in causes focused on animal rescue and rehabilitation such as the Husky Rescue Project, Cart Horse Protection Association, Co Sanc Cat Shelter and Animal Adoption Centre as well as the Ark Animal Centre. 

Over the years ad hoc projects have been supported nationally through participation in causes such as the Pink Drive, Reach for A Dream Foundation's Slipper Day and the Rape Crisis centre. 

Skin Renewal's staff have always shown enormous compassion and a desire to be more actively engaged in causes from inception. In the understanding that sustainable change and a greater impact can be made through working more closely with one dedicated cause and being involved in the planning and implementation of projects, six years ago Skin Renewal partnered more formally with one selected community project in each region. 

Nationally Skin Renewal has partnered with Komani to stop period poverty. Komani produces sustainable, reusable sanitary pads, and the Skin Renewal family loves the fact that the pads are not only given to women in need of them, but that an education session takes place with each handover. Breaking the stigma around having a period and empowering women, is just as much the goal as equipping them with the tools they need.  

Gauteng and the Kliptown Community:

In Gauteng, staff from all eight branches work closely with Khulisa, and in particular the Kliptown Community. Skin Renewal employs an on-the-ground liaison, who ensures that involvement is meaningful and impactful, and that any funds raised are allocated effectively. There are four projects which Skin Renewal drives and supports in the community namely: the Kliptown Gogos, the Kliptown library, the Kliptown vegetable garden and the Kliptown community secondhand shop. 

Western Cape and Streetscapes:

The Western Cape Skin Renewal branches have partnered with Streetscapes. Streetscapes support 106 beneficiaries through the Streetscapes city garden initiative. Beneficiaries earn a small stipend for working in the city gardens and the numerous ad on projects. The ethos behind Streetscapes is about giving a hand up not a handout and empowering the beneficiaries to achieve a better life. Skin Renewal can respond to the dynamic needs of the beneficiaries, as well as Streetscapes itself, as diverse employment and venture opportunities are harnessed.  

KwaZulu Natal:

Skin Renewal staff at the Umhlanga, Ballito and Durban branches, work in the Malacca Road community through The Seed Fund. The Seed Fund supports the community of the Malacca Road Development in Durban North. Skin Renewal responds to the dynamic needs of this community, assisting with the making of sandwiches for the Homework club on Wednesdays, to responding to the need for household items as and when needed in addition to assisting with the community vegetable garden.

Skin Renewal remains dedicated, invested and passionate about the beneficiaries that the company collectively supports with the generosity of patients who respond to calls for action and donations so kindly. 

Please follow the dedicated Skin Renewal charity Facebook page to learn more about each initiative and how you may be involved.

If you can be anything, be kind. 

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