Skin Newsletter | Apr 2018 | Age gracefully

Dr Rulene Maré writes:

Graceful Aging Newsletter

We’ve come a long way since the days when the only options to tackle ageing were surgery or ‘ageing gracefully’.

In fact, there was a time when ‘ageing gracefully’ was really just a polite way of saying ‘let nature take its course’ if we weren’t prepared to go under the knife.

The only other weapons that existed in the fight against sagging skin and wrinkles were good skin-care products, staying out of the sun and going for regular facials. These days, surgery is a very last resort.

We can now do a lot to slow and even reverse skin ageing, as well as change the appearance of facial features we dislike without having to endure the operating table.

For example, did you know that now get a nose job without undergoing the knife? You can also benefit from medical laser facials that can reverse signs of ageing and sun damage as well as non-surgical facelifts that lift the skin in just the right places. And it’s not just lasers that deliver great results.

Thanks to threads and fillers placed in the correct position, volume loss and sagging skin are a thing of the past.

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