Skin & Body Newsletter | Apr 2018 | Acne scars

Dr Rulene Maré writes:

Anyone who’s struggled with acne or is fighting a current battle will know how incredibly stressful and sometimes even debilitating it can be.

Whether you’re a hormonal teen trying to establish your identity or a frustrated adult embarrassed by a condition you feel you should’ve long left behind, dealing with acne is always difficult.

Sadly, when it comes to acne, there is so much misinformation, lack of education and poor treatment options that many people are left feeling hopeless, while their self-confidence takes a terrible knock. For this reason, acne doesn’t just leave physical scars, but emotional ones too.

This month, we want to empower all our readers by giving them a better understanding of acne so they can best treat, manage and eventually clear their skin.

In our Skin & Body Renewal Newsletter article for April 2018 we discuss treatments that can greatly improve the appearance of acne scars.

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