Newsletter is out: Wave goodbye to flabby arms!

Dr. Bianca le Fuevre writes:

Skin Renewal Flabby Arms

There is nothing worse than your upper arms doing their own little dance when you wave goodbye to someone. Patients have been asking for a non-invasive solution to difficult to tone, fatty areas like the upper arms (bat wings) and bra bulges, for the longest time.

When it comes to stubborn, flabby bits, the arms are one of the hardest areas to tone!

Many of us have tried various remedies such as diet, exercise and skin firming creams, and although some of these are great, they can only get you so far.

There are also more extreme options such as surgery and liposuction, but not everyone is willing to go under the knife and be left with long visible scars.

Cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing, Cryolipo or Cool Sculpting, has recently been cleared by the FDA to specifically treat stubborn arm areas such as bat wings or bingo wings.

In this week's newsletter, learn more about fat freezing technology and the treatments of hard-to-reach fatty pockets: Wave goodbye to flabby arms!

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