Newsletter is out: Subcision for Cellulite & Acne Scarring!

Dr Zander Coertze writes;

Body Renewal - Subcision

Arguably the most confidence-breaking conditions we treat at the Renewal Institute are those where there is no way to hide the problem. When it comes to conditions like severe cellulite dimpling and acne scarring on the body or face, it's difficult to camouflage the problem, other than covering it up with clothing.

So what can we do? This month we discuss a procedure called "subcision", a treatment performed on severe cellulite and acne scarring that provides significant long-term improvement.

Remember, it's as important to understand what is causing the problem, and deal with the cause while you're having treatments to improve the symptoms.

Read more in this month's newsletter: Subcision for Cellulite & Acne Scarring!

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