Newsletter is out - Stress Less

Dr. Maricia Duvenage writes:

September 2017 Health Renewal Newsletter

It is estimated that more than 60% of doctor visits nowadays are in some way related to stress. Although our bodies are adept at managing the symptoms of stress, there comes a time when some method of intervention is needed.

We can experience stress in a physical, emotional or external manner, which then triggers a whole cascade of reactions in the body as coping mechanisms.

What is stress, how does it manage to take such a toll on us and why do some people appear to thrive on it, while others become exhausted and sick?

At Health Renewal we strive to answer these questions by looking not only at all the possible sources of your stress, but also by examining how you respond to stress.

We can't take away the deadlines and the family and financial worries, but we treat each patient individually to help nourish the areas most affected by stress, so you're better equipped to cope with it.

Read more about stress and how to manage it in our article this month: Stress Less

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