Newsletter is out - Skin Sensitivity Syndrome

Unlike sensitised skin, which is transient, Skin Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS) is a medically diagnosable condition. Doctor's still aren't entirely sure about what causes it but suspect the sufferer's skin has too many TRVP1 receptors (particular cells in the deeper layers of your skin) that are overstimulated. This creates what is essentially a neurosensory condition. And the result? Sensations like pain, itchiness, burning and tightness even when there's no apparent cause. 

If you've been diagnosed with SSS or suspect it might be what's causing your seemingly unexplained skin irritation, make an appointment to chat to one of our doctors today. Together, we can help you get the condition under control and finally get you some real relief.

Read more in this month's newsletter: Skin Sensitivity Syndrome

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