Skin Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS)

Skin Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS)

Many of us think we have sensitive skin, but often it's just sensitised. It's when something's eroded your skin's barrier function, such as the overuse of an exfoliating product. Happily, this is an easy fix with barrier repair products; they help replace your skin's natural lipids and restore its protective "seal". You can then move on to using products specially formulated for sensitive skin. You'll also find Skin Renewal has lots of Rosacea, Redness and & Sensitivity Solutions packages to help keep your skin looking good and feeling comfortable. 

However, if you're suffering from sensitive skin syndrome (SSS), you're dealing with something completely different.

What is sensitive skin syndrome?

Unlike sensitised skin, which is transient, SSS is a medically diagnosable condition. Doctor's still aren't entirely sure about what causes it but suspect the sufferer's skin has too many TRVP1 receptors (particular cells in the deeper layers of your skin) that are overstimulated. This creates what is essentially a neurosensory condition. And the result? Sensations like pain, itchiness, burning and tightness even when there's no apparent cause. 

To make things even trickier, those with SSS often don't have any visible symptoms. They might feel a burning sensation, but their skin won't necessarily be red or look dry. As far as trigger's go, these really run the gamut. Something as simple as a change in temperature or lighting could even set it off. In short, if you're suffering from SSS, getting a diagnosis, let alone treatment, can be a frustrating journey.

So here's the good news!

All of our Skin Renewal doctors are highly skilled and, if you're struggling with SSS, they'll be able to diagnose it as well as help you manage it. Typically, treatment will involve discontinuing all topical products and making lifestyle changes to avoid as many potential triggers as possible. Then they'll walk you through every step of the way as you slowly re-introduce things and perform patch tests to figure out what you can and can't tolerate. 

Our doctors may also suggest you try a groundbreaking new product – Serra NSB by Lamelle Research Laboratories, now available via a Skin Renewal branch near you. (The NSB stands for "Neuro-Sensory Barrier".) 

If you're familiar with Lamelle, you'll know they're the sensitive skin experts, having performed many years of research into the subject. Their new NSB Cream is the culmination of all that knowledge and offers a serious solution for SSS. It contains a potent TRVP1 suppressor that limits the expression of this particular overexcitable receptor in your skin. It can also help repair a weak skin barrier (something many but not all SSS sufferers might also have to deal with) thanks to a patented lipid, Ceramide-P. Better it, it can calm and soothe thanks to a very special amino acid anti-inflammatory. 

Get SSS help ASAP

If you've been diagnosed with SSS or suspect it might be what's causing your seemingly unexplained skin irritation, make an appointment to chat to one of our doctors today. Together, we can help you get the condition under control and finally get you some real relief.

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