Newsletter is out - Maintain Mental Sharpness

Dr Maurits Kruger writes:

Brain Newsletter April - Brain Sharpness

Mental sharpness is impacted by our busy, rushed lives that often lead to poor nutritional choices, chronic sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, chronic stress and bad habits such as the use of alcohol, excessive medication and smoking. Most of us experience a decrease in mental sharpness from time to time for a variety of reasons, but if it goes on for too long, it can have a debilitating effect on our daily lives.

Lifestyle modification, brain training and targeted nutritional supplementation can have a dramatic effect on the brain and greatly enhance mental sharpness. These measures can also help to maintain healthy brain function and slow down the normal degenerative changes that occur with ageing.

It's never too late to make better choices for a healthier brain. Your peace of mind depends on it.

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