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Feb 2019 Skin & Body Renewal Newsletter

February might be the month of love, but chances are you don’t adore your love handles. Happily, Body Renewal can help you get rid of them.

It’s been dress weather, but today you’re pulling on your favourite jeans, the ones that always make you feel good… but something’s different. The once comfy waistband now feels a little tight, and a quick glance in the mirror reveals that seemingly overnight, you’ve developed a little muffin top, a roll of fat that pops over the top of your pants. This isn’t a biggie, you tell yourself. You can lose it fast. Except you don’t. Time marches on, life gets busy, and soon it’s a year later, and you’re still battling your bulge. In fact, it’s gotten even bigger!

Before you resign yourself to having to wear a larger size, you should know that, at Body Renewal, they have a slew of solutions to help you lose your love handles - and in record time too!

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