How to lose your love handles

How to lose your love handles

Melt fat fast

Body Renewal believes the best way to tackle most problems is via a multi-pronged approach, using several treatments that enhance each other’s effects. The results of their clever treatment combinations are far superior to anything they’d achieve on their own. This is why they created several Fat,Cellulite and Tightening solutions that involve a mix of the following treatments proven to melt away stubborn fat.

Cecarelli fat lipolysis

The latest and greatest when it comes to fat burning injections, Cecarelli fat lipolysis, uses an advanced formula of vitamin C enhanced by a dash of iron. This is injected into any area that’s plagued by resistant fat cells as it causes apoptosis, the process responsible for their natural death.You will see results over the next few weeks. Unlike other lipodissolve treatments, Cecarelli doesn’t cause massive swelling, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.


An innovative multipolar device, our Velashape machine uses a combination of infrared and conducted radiofrequency (RF) energies to heat up the deeper layers of your skin in a way that causes your fat cells to shrink. This infrared and RF combination also encourages collagen production, tightens sagging skin and improves lymph drainage. Better yet, the machine also has a vacuum and roller function, similar to that of an endermologie device, it smooths your skin in a way that ensures the heat energy is evenly distributed for a better final result. You’d need several treatments to see results, but there’s absolutely no downtime

Exilis Elite

Our Exilis Elite machine is a monopolar device so its energy can travel right through your body, reaching the deeper layers of the skin. Aside from RF technology, Exilis Elite also uses ultrasonic energy. This allows it to separate fat clusters so that the heat delivered by the RF technology can be delivered more efficiently. Aside from being able to shrink fat cells, the machine can also encourage collagen production and create an instant tightening effect.


One of our great multitaskers, carboxytherapy can be used to treat a myriad of conditions. It involves injecting CO2 gas just beneath the skin’s surface where it causes a circulation boost that encourages a host of positive reactions that range from collagen stimulation to improved lymph drainage. If your goal is fat loss, we inject the gas deep into the target area where it breaks up the fat cell, permanently destroying it so that it can be excreted via your body’s natural pathways.


Body Renewal uses cryotherapy to treat resistant fat for years safely. It involves freezing your fat cells so that they turn into crystals, causing them to be permanently destroyed. They’re then metabolised by your body over a period of 4 to 12 weeks. The treatment can also be enhanced with the addition of polydioxanone (PDO) threads. Known as ‘ice cream therapy’, these medical-grade sutures are placed just under the skin where they increase collagen production, resulting in tightening skin and revealing a sleeker silhouette.

i-Lipo Ultra

If you’d rather not destroy your fat cells for good and would prefer to simply drain them, the same way you could through weeks of diet and exercise, then you’ll appreciate i-Lipo Ultra. It does exactly that using low-level laser technology. You’d need several sessions to get results but will see a loss in centimetres after your very first treatment. It’s completely painless, there’s zero downtime and the only work required on your part will be to perform 30 minutes of cardio after each session to encourage your newly liquefied fat to drain out of its cell and into your body’s lymphatic system where they’re burned up as energy.

The bottom line

If you’re tired of trying to lose the excess weight around your middle on your own, make an appointment to see one of the therapists or doctors at Body Renewal. They’ll be able to suggest one of our Fat,Cellulite and Tightening solutions that will involve a combination of safe, non-invasive treatments that can easily melt fat in a way that suits the severity of your bulge as well as your budget.

Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a sleeker silhouette that easily slips into your favourite skinny jeans once more!

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