March 2018 | Skin Newsletter | Graceful ageing is a choice

Dr André Truter writes:


As the years march on, they bring with them a few a non-negotiables.

Some of them, like wisdom (if we’re lucky!), are rather desirable, but something like ageing, is quite the opposite! Fortunately, we can choose how we deal with change and how we handle ageing is no different.

Making a choice to age gracefully isn’t about trying to pass off as much younger than our years, but rather about deciding to look like the best version of ourselves at every age.

There are lots of medical aesthetic options that can either improve or even reverse some of the damage done in our youth.

There are also lots of ways to defy the ageing process without drastically changing your appearance and the results are so natural that your friends might mistake your refreshed and rested appearance for the results of a well-deserved holiday.

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