March 2016 - Skin Renewal Newsletter is out!

Dr Andre Truter writes:

laser skin rejuvenation

With the amazing, innovative advancements in the health and skin care industry, it is absolutely unbelievable to see how much development there is in the market.

We are constantly being sold products and treatments and so much marketing is pushed onto us that it can be rather overwhelming. With this, there come great advantages, especially when it comes to educating ourselves on what we should be doing for our skin, our bodies and for general health. There also comes disadvantages of being sold half-truths, or even worse, untruths.

For example, “having a monthly laser skin rejuvenation treatment is very good to maintain youthful skin”, or is it? This statement bears much truth, IF: A) You are having the CORRECT Laser treatment for your particular skin concern; B) You are having your treatment with a quality Laser, preferably one that is registered as a medical device; C) Your treatment is performed by a qualified Laser therapist who has had extensive training, and D) Your treatment is being backed-up by excellent maintenance products and follow-up care (otherwise there is no real point in having the initial treatment in the first place).

Unfortunately, there are so many products and treatments out on the market that do not comply to such high standards, and sadly there are even “cheap knock off” options which result in poor or NO results, and in some cases even cause adverse reactions on patients.

My advice to you is the following; always do your research when it comes to having treatments and using products, because you have to wear your face and body every single day of your life, until the day you die. You cannot afford to take a chance on having treatments that are not tried, tested or backed by extensive research, training and proven results.

When it comes to looking after your skin, your body and your health in general, wouldn’t you want to know that you are being looked after by qualified practitioners, who are giving you the best of the best treatment options, tailor-made specifically for you and your needs?

In this month’s newsletter, we would like to talk about what makes Skin Renewal so incredibly unique in this industry and why we believe we are qualified, equipped and capable of giving our patients the best results possible when it comes to their treatments. Most importantly, we do this, because we care and we are serious about giving our patients only the best.

Yours in great Skin!

Dr Andre Truter

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