Mar 2018 Skin & Body Newsletter | Ageing body

Dr Seema Maharaj writes:


When your second chin, bat wings or tummy roll stare back at you from your mirror, you know it’s time to take action.

Young and old, male or female, no one really loves a tummy roll, not to mention its partner in crime, flabby thighs! Both of these unwanted attributes usually arise due to excess fat and slackening skin. Thanks, gravity!

In younger people it’s usually because they’re carrying a bit of extra weight but, as we get older, we probably have to accept that it’s a combination of both.

Of course, losing a bit of weight healthily can make your figure more sleek but, if your thighs or tummy are a bit stubborn (especially if they weren’t very defined, to begin with), you might need a bit of extra help.

For those of us who have the double whammy of loose skin and excess fat, the good news is that there are professional treatments available that can tackle both.

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