June 2018 | Skin Newsletter | Masculine yet Maintained

We’ve come a long way from the days when male grooming didn’t extend too far from a razor and soap-on-a-rope. Now, most men are reaping the rewards of a good skincare routine and realise the importance of high sun protection factors. Furthermore, an increasing number are also benefiting from in-office cosmetic procedures like Botox®, having realised that yes, you can minimise the effects of ageing while maintaining masculinity.

While there are a few differences between male and female skin, procedures like injectable wrinkle-busters, volumising fillers as well as laser and light treatments can greatly benefit both sexes. The only thing that’s different is the technique with which they’re applied.

Fortunately, if men choose a skilled aesthetic professional, one who understands the subtle yet important structural differences between the male and female face, they can enjoy a more youthful look for longer - one that’s masculine yet maintained.

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