Masculine yet maintained

Masculine yet maintained

Much like the fairer sex, men want their skin to look good and feel healthy. Thing is, thanks to testosterone, male skin is different from that of a female. While every skin type is different, male skin, in general, tends to be thicker, by as much as 20-percent and contains more collagen which keeps it looking firmer for longer.

Men also have more oil-producing glands as well as pores, which are typically larger. This means male skin is generally oilier which results in a lower pH that makes it more prone to acne. There is an upside to all the oil, however. It means men are less prone to dryness as they get older.

Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, it is. Initially. While the signs of ageing appear a bit later in male skin, once they set in they occur at a rapid pace. These signs include sagging skin, puffy eyes and dark circles that make you look tired. Then there’s the deepening of wrinkles in the same place you’ll find them in women - on the forehead, between the eyes (the frown lines), around the eyes and the sides of your mouth.

Let’s get topical

When it comes to avoiding premature ageing, prevention is always better than cure so this means investing in a good skincare routine. Oily-skinned men won’t do well with thick, ultra-creamy formulations so you need to find lighter-textured skincare products that include collagen-encouraging ingredients like retinol, vitamins C and E.

One of the major contributing factors to premature ageing in men is the same one that affects women and that’s unprotected sun exposure. Typically, more men than women don’t practice daily sun protection and that’s why almost twice as many men as women die from skin cancer. The long and short of it? Wear a high protection broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 50, every single day. It won’t just save your skin, but potentially your life.

You can also treat your skin to an anti-ageing facial specially designed for male skin at any Skin Renewal branch. Each facial will include a microdermabrasion session or chemical peel to get rid of old, dead skin cells; a concern-specific mask and a neck and facial massage before the application of a suitable hydration product and SPF. You can tailor the facial further by including an ‘add-on’, like an anti-ageing laser or light treatment to target any specific concerns.

Step into my office

It’s not just a good selection of topical treatments that can help you put your best face forward. There are lots of in-office procedures from which men can benefit fully.

Anti-ageing injections (Botox® and Dysport)

Injectables like Botox and Dysport both block signals from the nerves to the muscles so that they temporarily relax. If the muscle can’t contract, it can’t pull the skin in a way that causes creases. We refer to these creases as ‘dynamic wrinkles’ as they’re caused by repeated facial movements. Crow’s feet and laugh lines are perfect examples.

The facial muscles of men and women differ greatly which is why it’s important to go to a highly skilled medical aesthetician who’ll know exactly where to inject you as well as how much to use to create a result that’s you, fresher-looking. Injectables, if used correctly, will never create an ‘overdone’ or feminine appearance, just a younger more refreshed look. Also, as men have more muscle mass than women, they need approximately 1,5 times as much wrinkle-relaxer, and a good doctor will know exactly how much to use to get the best result.

A liquid lift

It’s not just wrinkle-relaxers that can make a big difference for men, but dermal fillers too. Just a little bit of a hydrating filler like Restylane can go a long way towards treating dark under eye circles that give you that permanently tired, burned-out look. This is something that plagues many men, regardless of how much sleep they’ve gotten the night before.

You could also consider a 3D Liquid Face Lift. This quick, no knife procedure can be performed during your lunch break and take years off your face. In short, it involves injecting filler into areas where you’ve lost volume to restore a youthful plumpness while more strategically placed injections create a more ‘lifted’ look.

Lasers and light

An increasing number of men are getting laser and light treatment facials as they’re fast realising the benefits when it comes to tackling a multitude of skin concerns. Whether it’s a lack of firmness, acne, acne scarring, sun spots and more, there’s a laser that’ll be able to help improve the look of your skin.

The Fraxel DUAL laser, for example, is a great multitasker in that it can improve the look of wrinkles, uneven skin tone and acne scarring in as little as two to three treatments. The laser is suitable for all skin types, irrespective of sex, and its intensity can be varied to best treat your concern. The latter impacts the downtime, but many patients go back to work the very next day.

You could also include Laser Genesis or Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) sessions. Both treatments can help improve the look of wrinkles, acne, scarring and more. Your therapist will be able to recommend the one you’d most benefit from.

Like we said, prevention is always better than cure but if the damage has already been done these are the kind of treatments that can make a visible improvement and then help to keep you looking like the best version of yourself for longer.

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