June 2016 - Skin Renewal Newsletter is out!

Dr Marilyn Sharp writes:


Ever looked at those pesky wrinkles that just seem to taunt us as we age, wishing we had some sort of natural “polyfilla” to plaster over them so we don’t have to see them every time we catch our own gaze in the mirror?

The use of dermal fillers for treating volume loss and targeting static lines and wrinkles has been around for ages. In the last decade, at Skin Renewal, we have become very well known for our experience and for great results in dermal filler treatments which have been that “polyfilla” for our ageing patients.

The world of dermal fillers and what you can accomplish with them is moving forward and is becoming much safer with the use of a “magic” needle called a cannula. At Skin Renewal, we have recently introduced a new safe technique and method of using fillers and Mesotherapy to achieve softer and more natural looking results without any bruising or downtime. We call it our "Magic Needle Mesolift" treatment which is ideal for fine lines and wrinkles and for treating areas that have started to show the signs of volume loss and ageing, such as the temples.

Magic Needle Mesolift also treats those annoying little areas that have always been difficult to treat with a Dermal filler. Areas that occupy a large area of the face such as the temples, crow’s feet or upper cheek lines. Not only is the result soft, natural, painless and SAFE, but with the inclusion of Growth Factors and Peptides in the filler injection, we are also able to increase the skin’s ability to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid on its own.

Our new filler treatment combines the use of the new “Magic Needle” (a specialised cannula), Dermal filler and Lamelle’s SRS growth factors.

In this month’s newsletter, have a look and learn all about the amazing new Magic Needle Mesolift technique

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