Health Renewal Newsletter is out | Squeezing into your wardrobe?

Are you still squeezing into your work wardrobe?

Did you know that rapid weight gain, unhealthy food cravings, difficulty to lose weight and obesity may have underlying medical causes such as leptin resistance?

If you're battling with the unwanted gift of a few extra kilos from the festive season and you find yourself squeezing into your work wardrobe, the Renewal Institute has the solution for you!

The Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program uses HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) with an eating plan and excellent supplements to treat the causes of stubborn fat bulges and obesity.

Our medical weight loss program has helped countless patients, combined with the ongoing support of our doctors and nurses who go the extra mile to ensure that every patient is given the tools they need to maintain their weight after completing the program.

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