Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    How do I get started on the Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program?

    Your first step is to consult with one of our qualified medical doctors so they can identify and address any health problems. We'll check your blood sugar levels, hypertension, thyroid disease, liver and gut conditions/dysbiosis (abnormal gut microbiota) and screen you for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) to ensure nothing hinders you from attaining your weight loss goals.

    Once the doctor clears you for the weight loss program, you'll be scripted the necessary package that includes all the products you'll need to get you started on your journey.

    What makes this program different to other medical diets?

    We only use compounded bio-identical HCG prepared and sealed in a sterile laboratory by a qualified pharmacist, as is required by law. We do not prepare our own mixtures that could be potentially dangerous due to contamination and mixing in non-sterile conditions.

    For patients with complex cases, we offer a multi-gene DNA Health and DNA Diet-gene test to exclude conditions such as metabolic syndrome, elevated cholesterol levels and more.

    Only qualified registered nurses support and aid you during your journey. If you are not losing sufficient weight, they will assist you in identifying the problem and help you to correct it.

    You are not alone! You have access to an entire professional team of medical doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff who will help you reach your goals and keep you motivated throughout your journey. To further assist you, we also have a "buddy system" in place, via our Slender Blog.

    We offer state of the art centimetre loss treatments as an add-on to your programme, to further assist you when you are almost at your goal weight. Treatment options include I-Lipo, Exilis, Titania, Velashape, Accent and Cryo Lipo Fat Freezing.

    If you need assistance shedding those festive season kilos, get a little help with the Renewal Institute Diet !

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