April 2016 - Body Renewal Newsletter is out!

Dr Toni van der Merwe writes:

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The presence of cellulite and weight gain should be viewed as more than just a cosmetic issue. It is a window into your overall health and is very often a manifestation of something that is underlying in the body. Cellulite often results from a buildup of toxins in your tissues, especially in your fat cells.

If you have cellulite and you are gaining weight, it may mean that your detoxification system needs help and support! Specifically, your liver, gut and the lymphatic system could be under pressure and these are systems we cannot afford to have “burning out” in the body. Fluid retention, storage of toxins, poor circulation and poor muscle tone all worsen the appearance of cellulite.

"Detoxification" is more accurately defined as the mobilization and elimination of waste, toxins, pathogens and other unwanted debris from your body. Therefore, if your goal is to reduce cellulite and lose weight, supporting your liver, treating dysbiosis/unfriendly bacteria and keeping your lymph flowing are three key objectives. In addition, improving cellulite & weight requires proper exercise, nutrition & detoxification – a "holistic approach".

According to Italian researchers, intestinal bacteria overgrowth causes cellulite in the following manner: Toxins from the environment produced by the body accumulate in our fat tissues. The toxins seal the cell walls, trapping fat inside the cells. The intestinal or gut microflora is responsible for the treatment of almost 50% of the toxins. If one has reduced "good" bacteria (dysbiosis) then the toxin removal system is not working and toxins begin to accumulate in superficial hard tissues resulting in an "orange peel" effect, cellulite or weight gain.

It is very important for one to understand that there is no quick fix when it comes to cellulite! It involves a combination of the following: Improving dysbiosis; prevention of oestrogen dominance; changes in lifestyle which includes a healthy diet; correct supplementation and treatments like Carboxytherapy, Mesotherapy and Radiofrequency.

Our Velashape radiofrequency treatment is the gold standard for cellulite and is used by most celebrities such as the Kardashians to get their cellulite under control!

In this month’s Newsletter, we hope to educate our readers as to the importance of treating cellulite holistically, not just for cosmetic appearance, but also for overall health.

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