Treating Cellulite

Treating Cellulite

Mention ‘cellulite’ or ‘weight gain’ to any woman, and she would instantly wail about the difficulties of getting rid of both and the best way of doing so.

We might just be about cellulite, but it is a real issue. Fortunately, it is not unsurmountable and can be treated holistically at Body Renewal!

Cellulite, weight gain and dysbiosis

Dysbiosis is a microbial imbalance in the gut. The importance of gut health was not fully understood until recently. If you take into consideration that 70% of your immunity starts in the gut, it becomes clear that its state will affect overall health and weight management.

Treating dysbiosis and low stomach acid will normalise intestinal flora, and help gets rid of toxins and internal inflammation resulting in healthier body function. This will slow down the formation of cellulite and assist with weight loss.

What are the symptoms of dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome?

  • Suffering from various digestive complaints such as flatulence, nausea, bloating, reflux, tummy ache, constipation or diarrhoea.
  • Cellulite is aggravated by dysbiosis, chronic candidiasis and suboptimal liver function.
  • Dysbiosis should be considered when a patient complains of general health difficulties such as cellulite, weight gain, respiratory problems, food allergies, fatigue and even some more serious disorders.

What else can cause cellulite and weight gain?

  • Excess oestrogen may result in weight gain, which causes fat cells to enlarge. This causes pressure against the blood and lymph vessels, which in turn slows down blood flow delaying the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Slow blood flow means less oxygen to the body which reduces cell turnover and can cause changes in the skin, e.g. formation of the orange peel appearance of cellulite.
  • What can I do to help reduce cellulite? Drink plenty of purified water daily to enhance detoxification.
  • Eat alkaline-forming foods such as raw fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, seeds and legumes, as cellulite thrives in an acidic environment. Acid-forming foods like red meat, white pasta and rice should be avoided.
  • Regular exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to assist with detoxification.
  • Be patient! It won’t resolve overnight, but as your liver starts burning fat and detoxifying the body, the results will follow.

Body Renewal treatments that will help improve the appearance of cellulite

  • There are various radiofrequency treatments that will help improve circulation, lymph drainage, dermal fat reduction and skin texture. Our Velashape radiofrequency treatment is the gold standard for cellulite.
  • Carboxytherapy is great for improving lymph drainage, circulation and dermal texture.
  • Mesotherapy™ consists of homeopathic and natural medicines to help shrink fat cells, improve circulation and boost the liver’s detoxification process.
  • IV infusions or ozone therapy to assist with detoxification and oxygen uptake.
  • Topical preparations to increase microcirculation in the affected areas.

To treat cellulite successfully, it is recommended to use an effective cellulite product at home. Stand a chance to win a full Doctor Duve body range hamper this month!

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