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  • Online Skin Shop Newsletter February 2024

    22 February 2024

    The essence of maintaining youthful skin throughout life, particularly in your 40s, hinges on the diligent application of sunscreen starting in your 20s. Daily sunscreen use, irrespective of the weather or occasion, is highlighted as the cornerstone of effective skincare, ensuring long-term skin health and vitality.

    Sunscreen - It's not Optional, but we have Options
  • Meet Our New Treatment HandPICO

    8 February 2024

    We’ve officially added the world's leading pico second micro-fractional handpiece, the Vydence HANDpico laser, to the Skin Renewal repertoire. Never mind being the gold standard in aesthetic treatments, this truly cutting edge technology is setting new standards, one before and after transformation at a time – making radiant, revitalised skin achievable all-year round, whatever the season, and whatever your complexion.

    Revolutionary Rejuvenation
  • Online Skin Shop Newsletter January 2024

    25 January 2024

    To rejuvenate your skin after the festive season, consider a comprehensive skincare routine that includes sun damage and hyperpigmentation treatment, along with products for exfoliation, hydration, and elasticity. 

    New Year, New Skin Goals
  • The Fabulous Four

    18 January 2024

    New year, new resolutions – not just for us as individuals but for the aesthetics industry, locally and worldwide. While there are probably as many emerging trends as there are months in this year, we’ve rounded up the four trends on the radars of those really in the skincare and anti-ageing know…

    The Top Aesthetic Trends for 2024
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