Real solutions for hair loss

Real solutions for hair loss

Nobody likes to lose their hair, but at Renewal Institute, we have proven solutions to help you grow it back.

Anyone who’s experienced hair loss will know the experience can range from distressing to devastating. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can stop and even reverse the process. At Renewal Institute, we know this for a fact as we’ve helped many satisfied patients restore their crowning glory.

But why me?

Before you treat hair loss, you need to understand what causes it. Most of us will experience hair thinning as we get older, especially if we’re genetically prone. Still, there are many other things that could trigger a shed. These include hormonal fluxes, health conditions like diabetes, stress, weight loss and a lack of nutrients. Just two examples regarding the latter are a vitamin B12 or iron deficiency. Many people think they're getting enough of these nutrients via their diets and yes, perhaps there is an adequate amount entering via their mouths but, due to a troubled gut, they're unable to absorb what they need.

While anyone can experience hair loss on any part of their bodies, it most commonly affects men, particularly their scalp area. The hair loss usually follows a pattern characterised by a receding hairline and hair thinning at the crown. This type of hair loss is known as male pattern baldness or androgen alopecia as it’s an excess of the male hormone that’s responsible. Then there’s alopecia areata. This is relatively rare but often associated with autoimmune diseases. It results in typically round-shaped bald patches that can affect any part of your body that grows hair.

Getting your own back

At Renewal Institute, we can treat all types of hair loss in both men and women thanks to an array of treatment modalities arranged into packages we refer to as solutions. Having pooled years of experience and expertise, we've come to realise that taking a 3D approach is always best. This way, our treatments enhance each other's effects and deliver an end result that's always superior to whatever you'd achieve with just one modality. In short, if you're wanting to win the war on hair loss, you'll gain more ground with a multi-pronged attack.

As our Hair Solutions range from “mini” to “ultimate”, your therapist will be able to advise you on a package that will suit the severity of your condition as well as your budget. If, for example, you were dealing with the early stages of hair loss, they might suggest something like our Starter Hair Solution. It includes a Hair & Scalp preparation followed by Carboxytherapy and a Pelo Baum massage. Carboxytherapy is a handy non-surgical solution for hair loss. It involves injecting carbon dioxide gas just below the surface of the skin in the treatment area. This improves circulation and improves the flow of oxygen to the hair follicle, encouraging it to grow.

As for the Pelo Balm massage, this makes use of Lamelle’s revolutionary line of hair revitalising products. It contains a mix of peptides and other follicle stimulating ingredients clinically proven to help encourage hair growth. (And yes, the massage feels heavenly too!)

A more serious solution

If you’re struggling with severe hair loss or alopecia, then you’re going to benefit the most from our Ultimate Hair Solution. Again, it includes Carboxytherapy and the Pelo Baum massage, but it also makes use of a PlateletRich Plasma (PRP) treatment. Initially, a nurse will draw your blood and put it through a spinning process that helps separate your other blood cells from the platelets that contain hundreds of growth factors. These platelets do precisely what you wouldexpect – encourage growth and healing.

The next step? One of our doctors will take the PRP and use skin needling to apply it to the area that’s experiencing hair loss, along with growth factor serum specially formulated to help stimulate your follicles. Last but not least, this solution also includes a photodynamictherapy (PDT) session during which you’ll sit under a combination of pure visible light that can help get your circulation going. More blood flow means more oxygen, and when it comes to hair growth, that’s always a good thing.

The bottom line

If you’d like to learn more about our hair solutions as well as which one will be most beneficial to you, make an appointment to see one of Health Renewal doctors. They’ll be able to help you diagnose the cause of your hair loss and suggest the best solution to suit you. Together, we can help you create a fuller, healthier head of hair.

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