Launch: Renewal Institute Diet (RID)

Launch: Renewal Institute Diet (RID)

The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) is the culmination of our doctors’ years of expertise in addressing the medical factors that cause weight gain as well as fat that’s stubborn to shift. Our most successful eating plan to date, the RID isn’t just another low calorie, low GI diet, it’s also enhanced by supplements, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections and the support of medical professionals that will guide you every step of the way.

If you’re committed to following the programme properly, women can lose between 5 to 6kg a month while men can lose between 7 and 8kg a month.

The foundation and four pillars of health

At the Renewal Institute we believe there are four pillars that are integral to your health, built on a foundation that is restorative sleep of a consistently good quality. Many underestimate how important sleep is and how it can affect our weight. If we don’t get enough of it, it leads to an increase of hunger that sees us eat more; fatigue that means we do less and an increase of the stress hormone cortisol that encourages the storage of fat around our mid-section. In short, it’s the perfect cocktail for incremental weight gain in a vicious cycle that’s tricky to beat.

As far as the four pillars go, these are gut health, nutrition, stress management and exercise. When you undertake the RID, we’ll address the first two pillars with a five-day pre-diet cleanse to help restore the balance of your gut and nutritious yet delicious shakes and supplements to be taken while dieting. As far as stress management and exercise goes, this will be up to you, but we’ll be able to offer you lots of advice, guidance and education on how to calm your mind and get moving.

Target abnormal fat

Fat isn’t the enemy. We all require structural fat to protect our organs and the normal type that we use for fuel. The abnormal type, however, is the kind that accumulates over time, usually across our belly, bum and thighs, and is difficult to lose. This is exactly the type of fat that the RID diet targets.

This kind of abnormal fat is often the end result of insulin resistance. A condition in which the body becomes insensitive to the message that insulin delivers – to shift sugar from our blood stream to the cells where it’s burned up as energy. Rather than make the switch, the sugar ends up lingering in our blood before converting straight to fat. As RID’s low GI eating plans helps your body become more sensitive to insulin’s instructions, your body becomes a fat burning machine, one that’s turbo-boosted even further thanks to the hCG injections.

You’re not alone

Something else that makes RID so effective is the fact that you’re monitored by medical professionals every step of the way. While a nurse will perform regular tests and health coaching sessions that will help track your progress and equip you to maintain your goals, a doctor will give you an initial consultation that takes your entire medical history into account. The aim is to ensure there’s no reason why you shouldn’t undertake the diet and diagnose any medical conditions that might be contributing to your weight gain.

When it comes to diagnostics, our doctors leave no stone unturned. They can run gene testing to identify factors for conditions like metabolic syndrome and elevated cholesterol levels and even prescribe an overnight sleep study that can be performed in the comfort of your own home if they suspect you have a sleep disorder. The doctors will also be the ones that administer the hCG injections that will boost your metabolism, reduce cravings and encourage the loss of fat, not muscle.

Ultimately, the goal is to shift the abnormal fat and then keep it off with a sustainable eating plan and a body that’s ‘retrained’ itself to essentially no longer be resistant to insulin.

The bottom line

If you’d like to make 2019 the year you resolve to lose weight and actually do it, make an appointment to see one of the doctors at Health Renewal. If you’re a candidate for the RID, we can help you target stubborn fat under the care of medical experts via a low GI diet supported by supplements, great tasting shakes and metabolism-boosting hCG injections. If you’re committed and stick with the programme, there’s nothing stopping you from losing the weight that once felt impossible. Here’s to a new year and a new you!

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