FITE is a global empowerment platform powered by Dermalogica, the world's leading professional skin care brand, and, the nonprofit leader in microfinance that is designed to foster Financial Independence through Entrepreneurship for women in the developing world. Our mission is to provide women entrepreneurs access to small loans that will help them start or grow a business; and to help educate the public at large about the benefits of empowering women entrepreneurs so that they "can hold up their half of the sky."

In just the first 2 years, we aim to help at least 25,000 women in this capacity. Leading thinkers in social development, including the World Bank, hail investing in women as "smart economics," an untapped resource that can help solve many of the problems we see in our world today. Indeed, lending to women produces a positive ripple effect of improved health, education, and welfare for all household members.

joinFITE is championed by Dermalogica and its quarter?century investment in the financial independence of women. Dermalogica is promoting corporate philanthropy by using the products as a vehicle to educate the public at large about the positive change when we invest in women. joinFITE codes can be found inside select Dermalogica products, as well as from other joinFITE partners. Consumers are asked to activate their contribution to a microloan when they redeem the code(s) at

Skin & Body Renewal contribute towards Fite by selling Dermalogica products that have the joinFITE code attached to the products. The joinFITE codes enable you to direct joinFITE partner donations to an entrepreneur in a part of the world, and for a type of business, of your choosing.

Skin & Body Renewal are currently in talks with Dermalogica to become more involved in joinFITE.

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