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(To read this newsletter in Afrikaans, click here: Skin Renewal Paarl Nuusbrief September 2022)

From a couple of new faces we’re welcoming warmly, to several truly glow-getting treatments and products our therapists and doctors are loving this spring, from community spirit and sportsmanship to milestones for our branch and our building, we’ve got lots of news to share with you, our Skin Renewal Paarl family, starting with why getting a gold star is pretty cool but getting a green star is really cool…

A first for Paarl - Cecilia Square gets a Green Star!

The Green Building Council of SA has given the building we call home, Cecilia Square, the stamp of planet-friendly approval, officially classifying it as a Green Star Building – making it Paarl’s first green building thanks to its energy-saving features which include lights that respond to ambient light and air conditioners with motion detectors.

The building was designed to use less than half the energy consumed by a conventional build and 70% less water than a standard building, a testament to our beloved Paarl’s commitment to going green.

Well done Cecilia Square! #ProudlyPaarl

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Celebrating with our Team

24 September marks our 4th anniversary and a wonderful opportunity for us to proudly celebrate four years of serving our patients and being part of Paarl's wonderful community.

We are also incredibly excited about our branch’s brand new look, which was recently completed in line with Skin Renewal’s group-wide rebrand. We’re loving the bold new logo and the slick new gold, white and black aesthetic. From the signage at our entrance to the décor details and bright, uncluttered spaces, we’re sure you’ll agree that, as non-surgical facelifts go, our branch’s makeover is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons!

Cheers to future achievements!

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Coupled with the group-wide rebrand of Skin Renewal’s 20 branches, nationwide, we’re sure you’ll agree that our branch has never looked better!

That's the Paarl Spirit!

It was amazing to experience the Interschool spirit among the community once again. Definitely one of our favourite times of year, we love the fact that our hometown becomes wrapped in blue and green as over 500 000 spectators – 25 000 at Faure Street and the rest on live TV, watch the iconic annual match between Paarl Boys High school and Paarl Gimnasium.

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It’s the biggest annual interschools match in the world, having started in 1915 and only been cancelled three times in more than 100 years; in 1928 when Paarl Gimnasium withdrew from the contest, and in 2020/2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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We were proud to have one of the Skin Renewal Paarl family’s son part of the cheerleading team for Paarl Gimnasium. Well done, Christiaan!

The New Doctor will see you now

Welcome, Dr Helenka! 

Disciplined and diligent, Dr Helenka Fourie is passionate about arts, languages, and classical music, has over 15 years of experience in the fashion and film industry, and when this fitness fanatic isn’t enjoying rowing and running, she’s accepting well-deserved recognition – like the Women in Leadership award from the Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert Institute and a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Dr Helenka qualified in medicine with an MBChb from Stellenbosch, and has undergone extensive in-house training from the Skin Renewal training team, and she has spent considerable time with Dr Maureen Allem, learning about the intricacies of aesthetics.

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We are incredibly excited to have Dr Helenka consulting from three Western Cape Skin Renewal branches in Paarl, Willowbridge, and Stellenbosch.

Welcome, Dr Riaan!

A man as passionate about medicine as sport, Dr Riaan Van Tonder brings a wealth of both life and medical experience to the Skin Renewal family, and we’re delighted to have him share his wisdom and expertise with our Paarl, Willowbridge, Stellenbosch and Claremont branches' patients and therapists. A highly decorated academic, doctor Riaan originally graduated from medicine in Stellenbosch before furthering his studies at the Edinburgh Business School where he achieved his MBA. So, you know that when it comes to aesthetics, he means business.

Dr Riaan has a reputation as a superb medical aesthetic doctor having gained over 15 years of aesthetic experience with a plastic surgeon at Panorama clinic before enjoying extensive training under the esteemed Dr Maureen Allem, Skin Renewal founder and medical director, which he describes as “a lifelong dream” of his.

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Dr Riaan look forwards to creating a skincare journey for you and will be based at the Claremont, Stellenbosch, Paarl and Willowbridge branches.

We recommend - our current favourites

Dr Chrisna recommends

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Sculptra is a new collagen biostimulator that addresses several underlying ageing processes to improve the overall structural support of the skin. With strong science, history, and new FDA labelling, Sculptra is primed to be the next big thing in non-invasive treatments.

Why Dr Chrisna loves it:

1.  This injectable bio-stimulator kick starts the skin's own natural biological        process of collagen production.
2.  Treatments are minimally invasive with little downtime.

PRODUCT: Skinceuticals Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment

It contains azelaic acid which is one of my favourite ingredients, as it can help treat an array of skin disorders simultaneously.

That gap in the market? HArmonyCa just filled it
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Welcome to the future of hybrid injectables!

HArmonyCa composite matrix dermal filler is here, and you could be just one syringe away from never being tempted to use a social media filter again – thanks to the hybrid injectable proven to deliver clinically significant results in the targeted areas of more than 90% of patients. 

Designed to restore facial volume and correct deficiencies, HArmonyCa dermal filler promotes the generation of natural enogenous collagen (natural collagen synthesised by the body), using Calcium Hydroxyapatite microspheres to embed cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid via a particle-creating composite matrix. If you found yourself frowning while reading that then don’t worry about the science, rather focus on the evidence-based results courtesy of ‘power duo’ Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid in one syringe.

Trust the Proces

It’s important to note that long-lasting, confidence-boosting results take time. We love the opportunity to compare a ‘before’ image to an ‘after’ because, often, we don’t realise just how impressively all the gradual improvements add up to great results. Take a look at this Before & After courtesy of one of our clients’ ENDYMED FSR (Fractional Ablative Radiofrequency) treatment journeys.

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No filter needed - our influencer update
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The beautiful and very talented Amy Jones, best known for her latest hit, "I think I'm in love", has brought her vibrant and infectious energy to our branch as she has started a skin care journey with Dr Chrisna.

Amy recently attended our Cape Town influencer event showing off her glowing skin....we are certainly in love with Amy! Be sure to follow her Instagram page, to learn more about the treatments she is having and the products she has been scripted.

September Promotions
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We look forward to seeing you at our branch soon and, until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news. And, in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number - 0871531033 - to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you a year of good health, happiness and plenty to celebrate!

With love,

Helette & The Paarl Team

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