Product Launch: SkinCeuticals

Product Launch: SkinCeuticals

Pigmentation is a considerable problem for South African women. It is a chronic skin condition that occurs on the face in the form of brown patches and is a dynamic (active) condition that needs lifelong management.

To prevent increased Hormonal Pigmentation and PIH (Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) before and after any peel or IPL procedure, pretreatment for a period of 2 to 4 weeks is recommended to down regulate the enzymes responsible for making pigment.

At Skin Renewal we also recommend that you avoid hot baths, Bikram Yoga, steam saunas, tanning beds and dry saunas as they can cause excessive inflammation and may aggravate hormonal pigmentation.

Our superficial peeling treatment of choice at Skin Renewal is the Beta Melanostop peel which is a 4 peeling combination of salicylic acid, rescorcinol, phytic and azelaic acid combined with a transdermal brightening mesotherapy.

Without the strict avoidance of sunlight and the continued use of home topicals to down regulate the enzymes responsible for making pigment , potentially successful treatments for melasma and pigmentation are doomed to fail.

A pigment inhibitor like the new Skin Ceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector should be applied daily, as well as an SPF of 50 twice daily.

BANISH stubborn discoloration + ENHANCE resistance to new pigment + IMPROVE luminosity for renewed radiance = FLAWLESS

Skinceuticals Flawless Skin Renewal

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