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Why Layered Laser Is Winter’s Secret Glow-Up

Laser treatments help you save face in many ways; from targeted therapy to that all-important collagen boost, you won’t regret booking your skin in for this highly beneficial form of skin rejuvenation. Essentially, the laser is an intense beam of light energy able to really focus on the exact area that needs treatment. However, the laser has got even more games than you think. And while it's earned its stripes for power and precision with many skin issues, there are more ways than one to gain its rewards. Why treat skin with one laser when you can layer up? Yes, similar to serum cocktailing (although the same but certainly different), the treatment benefits just get multiplied when you level up.

Fresh New Plan VS Flash in Pan

Skincare, like quality fashion, should never really be about trends. There’s a reason the classics always win. However, embracing updates means accepting that modern tech does amazing things, especially for the health and revival of skin. It’s a hybrid concept – kind of like the new ballet flats. Classic style, innovative fabrics. In other words, always think of fresh new plans rather than a flash in the pan. Layer lasered (or light stacking) means collaborative therapy for more comprehensive results. Skin Renewal Fractional Fusion already teams various laser options depending on personal skin conditions. This existing unique solution is able to focus on small portions of the face, treating so many specific issues from wrinkles to sagging and even severe sun damage. Best of all, it’s not a stock-standard solution; it’s about creating customised treatment with skin-boosting adds like retinol, TA and growth factor serums and even swapping that second laser for a superficial chemical peel if your skin’s condition needs it instead. Think of a plan that makes for targeted treatment without compromising your skin’s strength and well-being.

Take Two: The Bonus of Doubling Up

So you’re getting comfier with the idea of two lasers hitting your skin in one go. It’s not overkill. Fractional Fusion and other combined laser treatments like Pearl Fusion have been developed for skin safety and recovery. And, of course, those gorgeous goals you’re chasing. Winter is the gap to take; Pearl Fusion, for instance, mustn’t be done if you’ve been sun exposed for three weeks before having treatment. Also, chat with your Skin Renewal medical aesthetic doctor about your skin type if you’re unsure. This layered laser option is for skin types one to three who want to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars and rejuvenate sun damage. For those seeking anything from prejuvenation to help with redness, look to the low to moderate-risk Fractional Fusion. It means tons of treatment choices, but with the ease of back-to-work quickly and little risk of infection, hyperpigmentation and scarring. For specific conditions like broken capillaries or rosacea, the HandPICO KTP Laser is a gentle device-driven pulsed laser engineered to treat vascular conditions. And like with other laser treatments, if you do feel a little swollen or itchy, Winter’s temperatures help keep you comfier. So, embrace the colder season as the ideal time to treat skin with this effective type of resurfacing.

You Are What You Treat

Your skin may tolerate laser extremely well – what a star! But even the most fabulous of post-treatment faces need some aftercare TLC. Don’t think of this as pampering; it’s, in fact, crucial skincare and very much part of your home treatment arsenal. Lasered skin benefits hugely from products with lanolin that help with barrier repair. Lanolin found in Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream is an emollient which gives dry skin hydration, restoring its condition. Another complexion conditioner that soothes is orange oil. Not only is this ingredient antiseptic but it’s also known to be calming. Use it in your facial cleanser to help with any reactivity. SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser teams orange oil with emollients for a wash that sets your skin up for boosted recovery. And even though it may be winter, slick on that sunscreen for continuous UV protection. Heliocare 360 Color Gel Oil-Free SPF 50 ensure you have a tint of colour as well as full spectrum protection and anti-oxidant care. You’ll get improved repair benefits, and of course, that is an important guard against sun exposure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Last Word on Layered Laser? It’s Winter’s Run-Don’t-Walk

Don’t be too sad that the sunshine is disappearing. Winter gives your skin life of a different kind: deep, on-target treatment for those specific challenges you’re done with. So show them the door. Layered laser is a beautiful way of de-ageing skin and zoning in on issues that must be cleared. It’s going to be a much brighter season than you expected.

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