Pearl Perfection

Pearl Perfection

The mighty sun shines fiercely over African skies, it does not matter what age you are, Helios will leave his mark if you do not show him the necessary respect.

If you look very carefully, there will be a change in your skin after every summer as it is estimated that 90% of all skin damage is due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet light damages the DNA in the cells of the skin and inhibits the mechanisms that repair damaged skin cells.

This is not news you willingly receive and what is even worse for us females is that after age 35 the pigmentation and sun damage becomes more visible and it might just be downhill thereafter.

Fortunately new technology can halt the decline and improve skin appearance. If you are still young, it would be wise to start Pearl™ Rejuvenation therapy now already as it will stimulate the growth of new collagen and may slow down the ageing process significantly, allowing a healthier, better looking skin later in life.

For those of us on the downhill road and who had no access to anything as revolutionary as Pearl™ Rejuvenation therapy in our younger days, there is still hope. An improvement will be visible after a single treatment and now is the ideal time to start, as there is a long, chilly winter ahead where sun exposure does not need to be a consideration.

Pearl™ Resurfacing

The Pearl laser is a revolutionary new technique for those who need a more aggressive laser peel. It has a rejuvenating and refreshing effect on the skin. Young and old will benefit as it will treat sun damage and wrinkles by resurfacing the entire face. Yes, the results are a bit like sunburn and you have to stay at home for a few days, but your skin will heal and reveal a younger and smoother skin afterwards and will continue to improve over the next few months. The treatment has a computer guided scanning device that will be programmed to suit your needs. The laser treats the top layer of skin while simultaneously sending heat to the deeper layers of skin to provide longer term benefits.

Pearl™ Fractional

Maybe there are some areas, such as around the eyes and mouth that needs some extra attention and this is where the Pearl Fractional is so effective. It treats those areas that show more damage as well as deeper wrinkles. Best of all is that the skin is encouraged to produce more collagen, the foundation of a plumper, fresher- looking skin. The Fractional is an ablative laser that creates tiny holes in the skin and delivers heat deep within the skin. A natural protective dressing forms on the skin to minimize downtime during the restorative process. There is some discomfort after treatment and after- care is necessary, but special breathable make-up can be used within three days if desired.

Pearl™ Fusion

It is very seldom that one has a uniformly good or bad skin, and for the best of both you can consider the Pearl Fusion which is a combination of the two treatments above and all imperfections are treated at the same time. The Pearl Resurfacing provides full epidermal renewal, improving pigment texture, pore size and fine lines, and the Pearl Fractional targets areas of significant photo damage and treats deeper wrinkles and sun damage. This results in a firmer, smoother skin that looks and feels great. These procedures take about twenty minutes to administer as the computer guides the laser to treat areas of concern. It is safe and there is no post-treatment discomfort. Within about four days the skin will start to heal and reveal a clearer and healthier skin underneath.

This is an investment in your future, because it has been proven that doing this kind of treatment will delay the effects of ageing and sun damage. None of us actually want to look our age! Besides, knowing that you are looking good gives one that extra bit of confidence that is sometimes needed.

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