What’s new at Skin Renewal?

What’s new at Skin Renewal?

Silhouette Soft® Suspension Sutures Lifting Technique

With techniques and practices being refined and improved over the last two years, Silhouette Soft® Threads (suspension sutures) has been a game changer in skin lifting technology for those who do not want to undergo facelift surgery. There has been significant evidence to show that inserting three sets of 8-Cone Silhouette threads in the mid-face, using the latest insertion technique of vectors across the face, gives a better lift, with results showing much faster than previously. To make this treatment more accessible to our patients, Skin Renewal is offering it at a special price.

The Jett Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

Skin Renewal is excited to introduce the Jett Skin Tightening treatment, a non-ablative, affordable treatment performed by a therapist, with no downtime. This treatment is perfect to add to your monthly maintenance facial, where you can target specific ageing areas, such as the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

The Jett Skin Tightening treatment works by gently stimulating the deeper-lying skin cells responsible for making collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. The results improve with each treatment, over time, and it's recommended to book your treatments as follows:

A treatment every two weeks 4-6 times; a treatment every three weeks 4-6 times; a treatment every four weeks 4-6 times, after which you can maintain your results by having a maintenance treatment with your monthly facial.

This treatment should not be confused with the Jett Plasma Non-Surgical Eyelid procedure which is performed by a Skin Renewal doctor and 1-2 weeks of downtime can be expected.

No Pad Eye Cream by Matriskin

At last, we have a topical product that treats large fat pads under the eyes through lipolysis (the breaking down of fat). These fat pads have been tricky to treat, mainly because most treatment options have required you to visit a clinic.

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