Why choose Skin Renewal?

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In our quest for unparalleled excellence, we're thrilled to unveil why Skin Renewal stands out as your premier choice. Dive into our top ten insights, each meticulously crafted to enhance your well-being, rejuvenate your appearance, boost your health, and elevate your cognitive function. Discover why we're the go-to destination for those seeking holistic renewal.

Our Distinctive Approach to Wellness

Innovative Skin and Health Clinics Model

Unlike conventional franchises, our Skin Renewal Clinics are privately owned and spearheaded by a medically certified professional dedicated to excellence. Focusing on continuous improvement, our model includes comprehensive training and advanced education for all team members. Patients begin their journey with a personalised medical consultation, ensuring tailored medical recommendations. Our medical and aesthetic teams collaborate closely with physicians overseeing patient care and outcomes, highlighting our commitment to customised treatment plans.

Unparalleled Medical and Aesthetic Training

Newly onboarded aesthetic physicians undergo an intensive two-month mentorship before patient interactions, emphasising our dedication to quality care. Our limited patient appointments per day ensure focused and attentive treatment. Diversity among our medical staff caters to a broad spectrum of patient needs. Ongoing professional development for our medical and nursing staff includes monthly CPD-accredited sessions and external workshops, fostering a culture of continuous learning and expertise sharing.

Expertise in Therapeutic Practices

Our therapists undergo rigorous training, including a bespoke program at our in-house academy, to master the latest skin and body care protocols over three to six months. This commitment to excellence extends to specialised and product-specific training, ensuring our services remain at the forefront of quality and innovation.

Superior Quality Injectable Products

We exclusively use MCC-registered injectables like Botox® and Dysport® alongside the safest fillers from globally recognised brands. Our selection of advanced thread lift treatments demonstrates our priority for patient safety and effective results.

Advanced Laser Treatment Offerings

Our clinics boast world-class laser technologies, including the CUTERA® platform and the HandPICO Laser from Vydence are favoured by celebrities for their efficacy in skin rejuvenation and hair removal. Our comprehensive laser solutions address many skin concerns, affirming our status as leaders in laser treatment in South Africa.

Forefront Radiofrequency Technology

Featuring award-winning devices like Exilis Elite, Titania and Endymed for skin tightening and cellulite treatments, our radiofrequency therapies are among the industry's best, suitable for all skin types.

Tailored Combination Therapies

Our customised treatment plans integrate various modalities, from laser and radiofrequency to innovative microdermabrasion and mesotherapy, ensuring optimal results tailored to individual needs.

Leading Dermaceutical Innovations

We proudly offer premier dermatological products from Neostrata, Lamelle, Skinceuticals, Heliocare and Endocare, incorporating cutting-edge science for skin health.

Holistic Approach

Addressing medical skin conditions requires a holistic approach, considering underlying causes and overall health. Our comprehensive consultations aim to diagnose and treat for lasting health and wellness.

Doctor-Lead Consultations

At Skin Renewal, we stand apart through our distinctive approach of doctor-led consultations, setting a new standard in personalised skincare and wellness. Our clinics are anchored by a foundation of medical expertise, ensuring that a medical doctor meticulously crafts every treatment plan. This commitment to medical oversight guarantees the highest standards of care. It gives our patients peace of mind that their beauty and health regimens are grounded in professional medical advice. By integrating this level of personalised medical consultation into our services, Skin Renewal offers an unparalleled experience where patients' unique needs and concerns are addressed with the utmost precision and expertise.

Loyalty Rewards Programme

Skin Renewal's Loyalty Programme is our way of thanking our patients for choosing us for their aesthetic and wellness journey. This complimentary scheme lets patients earn SkinBucks on every purchase, fostering a rewarding and long-lasting relationship. Our programme underscores the importance of patient investment, offering tangible returns on every rand spent across three tiers: Onyx, Gold, and Diamond. Each tier increases the percentage of SkinBucks earned, with additional perks like birthday rewards and preferential booking for higher tiers.

We offer this programme to appreciate and incentivize our patients' commitment, making their investment in themselves even more valuable. It's not just about the rewards; it's about reinforcing a cycle of care that benefits our patients and their ongoing journey with Skin Renewal, ensuring a glowing return on their investment that deepens over time.

Live Chat

Experience seamless support and personalised care with Skin Renewal's chat platform, your direct line to our team of specialists. Available daily from 7 am to 10 pm, our chat service is designed to offer you the convenience and accessibility you need to connect with us, whether you have questions, need advice, or wish to schedule an appointment. This service underscores our commitment to patient-centered care, ensuring you receive the attention and assistance you deserve right at your fingertips. Our chat platform makes it easier to be in touch, providing real-time support to enhance your Skin Renewal experience.


At Skin Renewal, we are deeply committed to sustainability, embracing practices that ensure our operations contribute positively to the planet's health. Recognising the beauty and wellness industry's environmental impact, we've integrated eco-friendly initiatives across all aspects of our business. From sourcing sustainable products and packaging to minimising waste and reducing our carbon footprint, our sustainability efforts are designed to protect and preserve the natural world. By choosing suppliers who share our values of environmental stewardship and investing in renewable energy sources, we aim to lead by example within our industry. Our commitment to sustainability reflects our belief that true beauty comes from a harmonious relationship with the earth, and we are dedicated to promoting wellness that benefits both our clients and the planet.

CSI Initiatives

Skin Renewal champions a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, deeply rooted in a commitment to community empowerment and environmental stewardship. Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives highlight our dedication to animal welfare, partnering with organisations like Ark Animal Centre, Co-Sanc Cat Shelter, and the Cart Horse Protection Association, as well as uplifting communities through support for the Christine Revell Children's Home, and Khulisa. Our actions, from environmental clean-ups to participation in health-promoting events like the SPAR Women's 10km Challenge, underscore our belief in the interconnectedness of all life and our role in fostering a healthier, more equitable world. At Skin Renewal, we extend our mission beyond beauty, striving to create lasting positive impacts in society and the environment.

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