Tips to minimise Sun Damage !

Tips to minimise Sun Damage !

Although many of us try to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles by keeping out of the sun, there is no doubt that we become less vigilant during the December holidays.

Here are some helpful tips on looking after your skin and body while on your beach holiday, safari trip or summer escape.

1) Sun Protection

Although we've told you on many occasions, we'll remind you again! It's imperative to wear a good-quality broad spectrum SPF on your face, neck, chest and hands every day. If you're planning an outdoor holiday, do the same for all exposed areas such as your arms, back, abs and legs. Heliocare now offers a large body spray SPF that is easily applied to the body and does not leave your skin feeling tacky like some SPF's do.

How long can you stay in the sun? Use the formula as follows: When your skin starts tingling from sun exposure – aka your burning time in minutes x the SPF rating (20, 30 or 50), gives you the approximate number of minutes you’ll be protected for before you need to re-apply SPF.

To further help you avoid direct sunlight, it's wise to wear UV protective sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to cast a shadow over your face, neck and chest.

If you're someone who often forgets to reapply SPF, you may want to consider additional internal protection to build up your skin's immunity and give you extra sun protection. Two great products we recommend are Heliocare's Ultra OralCapsules or Lamelle's Ovelle D3 capsules. These capsules also contain ingredients that fight free radical damage and help the skin to heal.

Quick Tip: Don't forget to apply sun protection products to your lips and ears. These areas are often neglected!

2) After Sun Exposure

Rehydrating the skin after a day in the sun is critical. Skin that is constantly dehydrated (on the face or the body) is prone to premature ageing, which includes wrinkle formation and uneven pigmentation. We recommend applying a high quality, hydrating and repairing body (and facial) moisturiser every evening before you go to bed. Try the new Spacology Serenity Body Balm to soothe and rehydrate sun-kissed skin, available at our Cape Town and Durban branches.

Ensuring that the skin's healing process is assisted is also crucial. Lamelle Nourish RescueRepair Gel is a brilliant after sun product that helps the skin to recover and heal, as quickly as possible. A daily dose of collagen will also help prevent and repair damage caused by the sun.

Remember, it's important to rehydrate the skin, maximise skin healing and slow down free radical damage after any sun exposure.

3) Treat your body while on holiday

Lastly, ensure your skin and body are well-conditioned and cared for by going for bi-monthly body exfoliations and hydrating body wraps - an excellent way to keep your skin healthy, glowing and hydrated.

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