Peels for Acne

Peels for Acne

One of the worst things that can happen to you just before an important date is a big red bump rearing its ugly head on your face.

It consumes your thoughts; you cannot help touching it to feel if, just maybe, it was your imagination and that it would miraculously disappear by the next day. Of course you don’t leave it alone either, you start squeezing and fiddling with it and it just gets worse from there on.

My first bit of advice, whatever your age, is to find a way of keeping your eager little fingers away from your face, in effect, don’t squeeze, rub, touch or go near it. You cannot rush nature and it is going to look worse after you have meddled with it. Secondly, make an appointment at your Skin Renewal clinic for some help and apart from their treatments, they will also advise you on how to best care for your skin and to prevent unnecessary scarring.

Because acne is so visible, it can really make a person withdraw socially, diminish self-esteem and for some hapless individuals, it can go on for years. Not only will they suffer from the physical scars, but also from the mental scars that acne can cause for some young people.

Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition that many adolescents suffer from, starts at puberty and peaks around eighteen. Fortunately it does decline over the years, but could persist well into a person’s twenties or even longer.

Boys are more likely to suffer than girls and this is due to the fact that acne is triggered by male hormone (androgens) fluctuations.

Girls and women tend to suffer from ongoing acne, the reason for this is unclear, it may however be related to hormonal fluctuations that occur during ovulation, pregnancy, childbirth and taking the pill. The female hormones (oestrogens) have a beneficial effect on acne, which is why some doctors recommend the use of birth control pills.

Although anybody suffering from acne will describe their problem as severe, there are classifications of mild, moderate or severe and this is done based on the severity of the outbreak on the skin.

Causes of Acne

Acne can be caused by both environmental and genetic factors, but genetics seems to be the main cause, so a person with a family history of acne has an increased risk of developing this skin disorder.

Certain types of medication, environmental causes (e.g. tobacco smoke) and even certain cosmetics and suntan lotions can cause or worsen this skin condition. Believe it or not, excessive washing or scrubbing of the skin can aggravate acne, because it stimulates the skin to increase its sebaceous production, leading to blocking the pores and worsening the acne.

Gut dysbiosis (increased levels of harmful bacteria and reduced levels of the beneficial bacteria), can also be a culprit.

Treatment for Acne

There are many treatment modalities that treat acne yet few actually treat ALL the precipitating causes; therefore the lack of success in eradicating the problem.

Enough of the bad news, at Skin, Body & Health Renewal,our team of trained doctors, nurses and therapists are not only passionate about healing your skin but also making sure that you have the best health possible!

  • Deep Cleanse Facials™ are recommended once a month to remove pustules and blackheads and to help with healing. This can be combined with an extraction peel as well as Laser Genesis™ which will reduce the size of the sebaceous glands, reduce the inflammation and improve scarring and pigmentation.
  • For mild acne, microdermabrasion will gently polish the skin and is recommended when the lesions are not currently active.
  • Depending on the severity of the problem, there are various other peels available, the treatment chosen will depend on one’s skin type e.g. a TCA® peel will improve the affected areas as well as improve post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring.
  • For deep nodules, the Titan™, which is a deep infra-red laser/light procedure, will help reduce inflammation, kill the bacteria and prevent scarring.
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) uses red (anti-inflammatory) and blue (kills the bacteria) light therapy, plus a salicylic acid silk peel to improve the condition of the skin.

These are just some of the treatments available, and in addition your Skin Renewal doctor will recommend some home therapy products, nutraceuticals and medication as indicated.

The doctors at Skin, Body & Health Renewal adopt an integrative approach, addressing all the external AND internal causes of acne and recommending holistic treatments(including in office peels and topical products) in order to achieve success. Important Lifestyle recommendations such as promoting an alkaline state and drinking enough purified water are also discussed during your consultation.

Getting acne when you are supposed to be dating and living life to the fullest does not have to be a ‘jail sentence’ anymore as there are solutions and treatments that will help.

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