GABA Supplement

GABA Supplement

A bounty of benefits

When it comes to benefits, GABA really is the gift that keeps on giving. Increased GABA levels have been proven to help reduce high blood pressure, relieve anxiety and pain, improve sleep and mood and is useful in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Still, the plus points don’t stop there. Having more GABA can also promote the growth of lean muscle tissues and help burn fat. The latter, plus the concentration factor, make having healthy GABA levels a must for athletes. It can also naturally reduce your appetite, so anyone wanting to lose weight will be interested too.

As far as sleep is concerned, GABA is a gem. Unlike traditional sleeping tablets that knock you out, but strain the quality of your sleep, GABA encourages the slow-wave, restorative kind. One particular clinical trial showed that GABA was able to reduce the amount of time it took for participants, all insomnia suffers, to fall asleep, as well as, the quality of their slumber in as little as four weeks! Research has also shown that those wrestling with insomnia typically have lower GABA levels. Those with the lowest levels, however, are more than likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

In regards to improving your ability to focus, some might say it sounds counterintuitive - that a chemical that helps you to unwind would also increase your ability to concentrate, but it’s not. Your brain is able to function best when it’s relaxed. As GABA reduces the distraction that is anxiety, it’s possible to “think clearly” and make quicker decisions. In fact, it’s little wonder that scientists have found a link. Those with higher IQs are much more likely to have higher levels of GABA. The same goes for those who have more empathy, so it’s not just your IQ that benefits, but your EQ too.

How to get more GABA

The tricky thing about GABA is that it can’t be acquired through your diet. The closest you’ll get to improving your brain’s levels via food is to eat foods containing high amounts of glutamate and vitamin B6. Both of these nutrients are essential to your body’s ability to produce its own GABA. Good food sources of glutamate include grass-fed meat, organic eggs and dairy, sea vegetables, tomatoes and mushrooms. Foods rich in vitamin B6 include salmon, chickpeas and free-range chicken. Also, fermented foods and drinks such as kimchee and kombucha have also been proven to help raise your GABA levels.

Still, there is a sure-fire way to increase your GABA levels directly, and that’s to take a top quality supplement such as Renewal Institute GABA. After realising that there was a lack of nutraceuticals that could live up to our incredibly high and uncompromising standards, we decided to make our own.

The bottom line

If you struggle to relax or simply want your brain to perform at its best, consider taking a GABA supplement. You can eat foods that help you synthesise it, but can’t acquire it from your diet. Thus, the simplest and most successful way to boost your levels is to supplement, via Renewal Institute GABA. If you’d like to learn more about it as well as other supplements from which you’d most benefit, make an appointment to chat with one the Health Renewal doctors. They can help you create a custom supplement solution and put you on the path to wellness.

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