The best beauty secrets? These no downtime treatments

The best beauty secrets? These no downtime treatments

Ask anyone in Hollywood about their beauty secrets, and there’s a good chance they’ll tell you it’s drinking water. The thing is, while hydration is key, it’s not the only way you can ensure great-looking skin. Wrinkle-reducing injections and dermal filler are two other liquids that can leave you looking good. But if you’re not keen on needles, you’re in luck because, at Skin Renewal, we offer lots of no-downtime treatments. They deliver brilliant results, but you could easily go straight back to work, and nobody would be the wiser that you’ve just had an aesthetic treatment. Sure, they might notice a gorgeous glow, but only you’ll be the wiser that you’ve just invested in your skin.

best beauty treatments with no downtime

Medical facials


Unlike a salon-style facial that merely involves the layering of products you might have on your nightstand; a medical facial uses cutting-edge machines and medical-grade products. One of our most popular is the HydraTouch facial, a brilliant multitasker that combines several treatments in one. Better yet, none of them will see you wanting away. In fact, it’s the perfect treatment to get before a big event to help you ensure your skin is looking its best.

To kick things off, it starts with hydro-dermabrasion – a light exfoliation session using a jet stream of water. This is followed by a peel solution that’ll leave you looking radiant, not red.

Next, your therapist will use a Transdermal Mesotherapy device, which also has a built-in Photodynamic therapy treatment. This works on skin rejuvenation. It emits gentle electrical pulses to deliver a hydrating serum deep into your skin painlessly. To finish, you can choose between a mega-moisturising mask or one that’ll help you address a particular skin concern, be it acne or fine lines. Once you’re all done, you’ll walk out looking fabulously refreshed.


When many hear the word “peel”, they think of red, peeling faces that might make you want to hide away. However, many of our most effective peels have very minimal downtime. In fact, you could easily leave the office with nothing more than a glow – no redness! One such treatment is our Beta Hydroxy Acid peel. A series of these is a great way to improve the look of fine lines and superficial pigmentation while reducing the potential for breakouts. After all, beta-hydroxy acid is the only acid that can penetrate deep into your pores, leaving them clean and clear.

While your skin might initially look a little flushed immediately after the peel, this fades quickly. Your skin will look more radiant and feel noticeably softer to the touch. You could even put on make-up and head straight back to work with nobody being the wiser. This is just one of a few no-downtime peels we offer at Skin Renewal.


Many laser treatments are the ablative kind. This means they remove the top layers of your skin, and naturally, this will require downtime. However, non-ablative lasers are much less invasive. These pass through the surface of your skin without removing it to heat the tissue below. This stimulates the production of new, fresh collagen and can tighten the collagen and elastin that exists, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin. While you’d have to have a few treatments to see results, there’s zero downtime.

At Skin Renewal, we have several non-ablative skin-tightening lasers. Two of our most popular are Titan and Laser Genesis. What’s great about the latter is that it can also be used to assist in breaking down small pockets of fat. Again, there’s no downtime. A true “secret” treatment would remain between just you and your therapist.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for great results, but want a real in-and-out experience with no downtime, you’ll find a solution at Skin Renewal. Should anyone ask you what your beauty secret is? You can tell them about us. Or you can simply laugh and say you’ve been drinking lots of water.

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