There's nothing cute about baggage!!

There's nothing cute about baggage!!

When Gravity influences your appearance…

When it comes to looks, personal preferences vary greatly, but nobody wants to look old prematurely.

Studies have shown that as we age and gain weight over time, the face begins storing fat in abnormal areas beneath the chin area and jowls. In addition, loss of collagen, the effects of gravity and the predominance of the jawline muscle depressors cause the skin on the jawline to sag, resulting in a turkey waddle. In the male, the double chin area poses some different issues as the facelift incisions that are used in females have to be altered to account for the male beard pattern. In addition, males have a much greater tendency towards some relapse after facelift surgery due to their thicker and heavier skin. Men also have an aversion to major facelift surgery and the above problems in men would be better resolved by opting for alternative non surgical procedures.

For an additional tightening effect, an infra red broadband light called Titan can be used to heat the deeper layers of the skin while protecting the skin’s surface. The tightening effects of Titan are immediate but the best results come down the line when a firmer, tighter and lifted jawline and neck become evident.

What is the difference between Titan and other Skin Tightening devices . One of the biggest draws of Titan is that it is almost painless and is very cost effective _ a major difference between Titan and its predecessor, Thermage, both skin-tightening systems. Both systems work by heating the dermis and contain cooling devices within the hand pieces that continuously control the temperature of the skin's surface. Thermage uses radio-frequency energy, which dermatologists claim is much more intense and harder to control than light energy, making the treatment quite painful. Radio-frequency energy can also go too deep and may destroy fat under the skin resulting in dimpling, unevenness and skin depressions. With Titan, there is no risk of skin irregularity because it doesn't go deeper than the dermis. Patients often ask the difference between Titan and its competitor Thermage. Both are considered the gold standard for skin tightening and both were nominated for the best device for skin laxity. Titan is Skin Renewal’s signature non surgical neck and jowl lifting treatment. It is virtually painless, much more cost effective than Thermage and is truly a walk- in, walk out procedure with long term results.

As with most non surgical procedures, best results for reducing an unsightly turkey waddle and tighten sagging jowls are seen after a series of 2 to 4 treatments done every 2 weeks.

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