Get To Know Fractional Fusion

Get To Know Fractional Fusion

Skin texture covers a lot of concerns, from lines and wrinkles to the roughness that comes from sun damage. Even acne (those bumps that sit under the skin), enlarged pores as well as scarring, affect your complexion’s evenness. And what if that spot of bother - like acne scarring - sits in one particular area? Does that mean your whole face needs to be hit with a laser? How about if your solution was able to hone in on your problem and stimulate collagen yet avoid the surrounding area of your skin? Pretty smart tech, right? Well, it’s possible with Skin Renewal Fractional Fusion.

Fractions: Let’s Do the Math

So, here’s the “back to school” bit: a fractional fusion treatment teams up a combined laser therapy (two treatment modalities in one treatment) or a radio frequency therapy (again, a combined treatment) to carefully target your area of concern. Fractional refers to treating conditions where only “a fraction of skin at a time” is worked on. In other words, the device used to treat your complexion can hone in on small areas, producing micro-injuries. And this is a good thing! These tiny injuries lead to healing, all in the name of collagen creation.

First: Do No Harm

No one wants to leave the skin clinic with any further damage than they arrived with. And certainly not another skin worry to stress about. Suitable for all skin types and tones, there is a Fractional Fusion solution for every South African looking for treatment – even for pigmentation. Without the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), know that melanin-rich skin tones prone to this type of post-procedure injury have safe options within the combined treatment solutions available. There’s even innovation to take on pre-skin cancer concerns like actinic keratosis. Now, we’re talking about good skin health.

Something For Everyone

Often, skin treatments – especially those featuring laser - can feel like a members-only club. A tick box list, and you don’t quite qualify? Not with Fractional Fusion. As it encompasses such a variety of tailored treatments to meet every skin’s needs, re-texturing is performed in a way that means the happiest, healthiest outcome no matter your skin or its issue. Modalities offered come in the form of treatments 1 through 4, each with its own blend of skin retexturing action for restored youth and smoothness.

  • Skin Renewal Fractional Fusion #1(Skin Types 1-3): Fractional CO2 Laser teams with PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) and a superficial chemical peel (depending on what’s best for your skin condition). Add-ons in the form of a retinol or growth factor serum (and more) can also be swept onto the skin.
  • Skin Renewal Fractional Fusion #2 (Skin Types 1-3): Pearl Fractional Laser LITE and Pearl Laser Overlay meet up to create a layered laser treatment (also known as light stacking). Again, specific serums like retinol growth factor serum or photodynamic therapy can be added for extra support.
  • Skin Renewal Fractional Fusion #3 (Skin Types 1-6): Suitable for any skin tone, this treatment option uses the power of heat energy in the form of RF Needling and FSR to resurface the skin. In doing so very safely, and with the help of other skin therapies like TA serum (this helps control inflammation & prevents PIH), healing is top of mind.
  • Skin Renewal Fractional Fusion #4 (Skin Types 1-6): Again, a treatment that’ll make every skin tone happy, Dermapen (micro-needling), doubled up with FSR radiofrequency, means on-target therapy—and in a safe, sound way. The addition of boosting serums, peels, or PDT increases those amazing skin goals.

Ready to book your skin for specific, zoned-in care? We bet you are. While treatment for texture issues like wrinkles, scarring, and even actinic keratosis may seem like a waiting game, with resurfacing like Fractional Fusion (ask about Fractional Fusion #2: Beta Lite + Azelaic Lite + Topical Anesthetic + Pearl Fractional + Pearl Laser + TA solution + mpm3, by the way), effective results are your reward.

It’s all about doubling up; customising your treatment with what your skin needs to target that spot of bother.

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