Sustainability: The 2022 Trend That’s Here to Stay

Sustainability: The 2022 Trend That’s Here to Stay

What’s become your “new normal”? And we don’t mean anything that’s in one minute, and out the next. Scrap that! While yes, phases come and go, crazes seem to be far more chaotic. The “new normal” might have caught you out in 2022; it was wild! Post-pandemic it all seemed so game on – and then some! Still catching your breath? Us too. But what “new normal” trend did everyone a massive favour? Fundamental to how we need to live now, and for the benefit of a healthy future, there’s only one answer: sustainability.

The Beauty of a Clean Conscience

Shoring up your health and being environmentally aware doesn’t mean two tick boxes. What we put into our bodies – and treat our skin’s with too - can not only make us feel good but do good too. And this shift towards clean health means therapies really are going to match those sustainable principles you seek out. 

Hey Brew! IV Infusions Are Our Cocktail

Puns aside, an IV Infusion (packed with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) is a natural yet potent way to support your system. From those who need help with health conditions, to those just needing a real kick so your body feels, well, like you again, cocktails of the IV kind are where it’s at. The treatment menu is about the needs of the individual and our Skin Renewal expert medical doctors will gladly journey you through which will bolster you best. And as any Grey’s Anatomy or Good Doctor fan will tell you, that while IV therapy ain’t new, the combination of what you’re treated with is what packs the punch. What does your body need more of? Probably not another all-nighter and then double espressos all day. But a Chronic Stress Infusion Cocktail with all-natural boosters? We all need that!

The Air Up There: Ozone Therapy Gets Fresh

What’s better than a walk in the crisp, fresh air? Perhaps that clean, renewed scent after a thunderstorm? And do you know what you’re experiencing? Ozone! It’s basically nature showing off – and showing just how transformative it can be. Want some of that awesome restorative energy? Medical Ozone Therapy helps power up your health through the use of ozone (O2 with O3 added) that in nature works like an air cleaner. Infuse it in your system, and it helps with disease prevention and even treatment. Pssst…known to calm inflammatory issues, ask your Skin Renewal health professional about skin challenges that flare like acne and eczema.

There’s a (Health) Coach For That

Sometimes keeping things sustainable means a treatment plan that sorts out the real reason your health isn’t doing a happy dance. Got to get to the bottom of why you’re not on your A-Game? Well, every competitor needs a coach! Health Coaching helps you get any underlying issues (like inflammation or gut imbalances) back on track. There’s no use booking for medical aesthetic treatments but ignoring red flags (fatigue and stress is a real buzz kill and relapse culprit by the way) that take the joy out of your self-care therapy. Highlight this section if melasma, acne, weight loss or rosacea is putting the pro in your problems.

Feeling amped to take on more sustainable goals and turn this way of living into your new norm? It’s really about a naturally healthy approach to boosting your system and reaping the wellness benefits, now and in the long-term. Chat with your therapist or doctor at your next Skin Renewal appointment or chat with us via the online skin shop LIVE CHAT feature.  

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