Threadlift Survey

Threading is a treatment that involves the uses of sutures that are injected into the hypodermis of the skin, providing a lifting and smoothing effect!

Survery results threads

What are the benefits of embedded threading procedures?

  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Younger looking skin, with fewer signs of ageing due to tightening of loose/lax skin
  • Improve skin tone, texture, pigmentation, scarring and stretch mark appearance
  • Long lasting results, due to new collagen synthesis
  • No scars or visible cuts (as can be the result of a traditional facelift)
  • Can be performed from the age of 30, or earlier for anti-ageing benefits
  • Increased skin metabolism
  • Optimization of texture
  • Activation of the lymphatic circulation
  • Increased circulation in surrounding areas
  • Long lasting stimulation of the fascia and of the soft tissues
  • Creation of collagen
  • Normalization of collagen
  • Remodeling of the silhouette
  • Tissue elasticity and lifting
  • Delayed cutaneous aging
  • Skin brightness

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