Summer Survey

Our beautiful country is known for its pristine beaches, lovely weather and summer fun! But it is important to protect your skin during these summer months!

With the holidays behind us, it is time to reflect on healthy sun habits and take a few new tips into the new year to ensure that you protect your skin, and prevent premature ageing or sun damage!

Our Nov/Dec survey gave some interesting insights:

Almost 50% of respondents said they apply sunscreen products every day, in the morning. Of this 30% reapply when they are outside! 22% or respondents only apply an SPF when they are outside, which is concerning as skin ageing and UV damage can still be caused by internal UV lights and computer screens. SPF should be applied daily, come rain or shine! We stock a wide range of SPF products which are available through our online store.

It is good to learn that almost 50% of respondents apply a separate SPF over their moisturiser and make-up. If you rely on your moisturiser / make-up for SPF Protection, ensure that it is a high enough factor and reapply during the day.

To give your body additional protection, especially for outdoor athletes such as cyclists, golfers and kids spending a lot of time outside; there are internal supplements available for further protection. Heliocare Oral Capsules can be taken to help the body by protecting it from the inside and preventing burning where sunscreen can often be bothersome.

73% of respondents apply an SPF of 50, and 76% of respondents reapply sun protection products after having been in the water. Even water-resistant SPF products lose some strength when exposed to water, or when the skin is towel dried.

Food for thought:

  • The number assigned to sunscreen is the factor by which the time required for the unprotected skin to become sunburned is increased when the sunscreen is used. You should thus do the math and reapply your SPF accordingly, and to your skins reaction time and required protection. Remember – a ‘tan’ is already a form of skin damage and external protection.
  • It is further important to note that, unless stipulated, you should apply SPF products 20 minutes prior to going into the sun. This allows the product to penetrate and give you the protection you require.
  • When should you stay out of the sun? The sun is most potent between 10 am – 2 pm, so you should try to stay indoors, or in shaded areas during this peak time. When you are outside for long periods, try and avoid direct sun exposure all the time (hide away under umbrellas, gazebo’s or the shade of a tree).

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