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Health Renewal has recently paid a lot of attention to the important subject of sleep breathing disorders. Two of our newsletters in 2015 were dedicated to describing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) in detail.

There is overwhelming evidence that both OSA and UARS are huge contributing factors in disorders such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Poor sleep quality and progressive brain damage induced by OSA could also be responsible for poor memory, emotional problems and decreased cognitive functioning.

Unfortunately the lack of awareness in the medical community (about sleep disorders such as OSA and UARS) mean that the diagnosis is often missed and as a result the root cause of symptoms is never addressed.

Launching Sleep Studies!

Health Renewal excitedly launched our home-based testing for sleep breathing disorders last week. We have streamlined the process in order to make the experience as convenient as possible. New technology allows one to collect all the necessary data, to make an accurate diagnosis while you sleep in your own bed. This Home Sleep Study will confirm whether you do indeed have OSA and/or UARS, allowing you to treat potentially harmful sleep disorders. Read the article on Sleep Studies.

Results of our February Sleep Survey:

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