Protect your Immune System this Winter!

Our July survey was exclusively answered by women, who are predominantly aged 36 – 45. The very good news is that only 40% of respondents had been ill with the majority of complaints being a post nasal drip, followed by severe flu, most often caused by exposure to infected friends, family or colleagues.

The most common protection mechanism used by respondents to avoid falling ill include:

- Daily supplements;

- Ensuring to stay warm and out of the cold;

- Good hand hygiene to prevent the spreading of germs!

At Health Renewal we offer Ozone therapy, and IV immune boosting cocktails. Both of these treatments can assist the body’s natural defence mechanisms and help you recover faster after the nasty flu or a virus.

IV therapy has amazing benefits, and at HealthRenewal we create a customised IV for each patient based on their individual body needs. Our cocktails use the highest quality ingredients, and by being delivered intravenously, the nutraceuticals go straight where they need to be. Regular IV infusions promotes optimal health and improves your immune response, offering vitality and general wellness!

Ozone therapy has powerful properties and can destroy all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites); It helps relieve pain and inflammation and can break down harmful toxins. Ozone can be administered through various methods and is safe for use on all patients.

All participants agreed that “prevention is better than cure”! Make sure you look after your body, through all the seasons. Schedule regular sessions at your closest Renewal Institute branch so that we can assist you to achieve your goal of optimal health & wellness.










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