Menopause Survey

Once women reach the age of around 40 to 45 years, they enter a phase often called 'the change of life' where their female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, decline. The first signs of menopause are often unexpected hot flushes, mood changes, depression and anxiety.

Which of the following menopause symptoms do you experience?

According to the above results:

39.1% of respondents experience no symptoms of Menopause

23.7% of respondents experience mild symptoms of Menopause

22.8% of respondents experience moderate symptoms of Menopause

12.2% of respondents experience severe symptoms of Menopause

2.2% of respondents experience very severe symptoms of Menopause

For clients that experience severe or very severe symptoms of Menopause there are options available! These options range from injections and applying creams to having bio-identical implants/pellets inserted. Discomfort and libido disorders can be addressed through prescription medication and Carboxy sexual rejuvenation treatments.

For more information on Menopause read here!

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