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Visible pigmentation on skin

Treatments at skin renewal to help pigmentation>
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which area on face have pigmentation

Treatments work to reduce pigmentation

6. Are you aware of the causes and prevention of pigmentation?

  • Yes 82.9%
  • No 17.1%

What attribute pigmentation to

8. Which products do you use for your pigmentation?

The top three products client's use for pigmentation is Lumyxil - Lamelle, Neostrata and Dermaheal.

What causes pigmentation?

  • UVA rays are a stimulant for melanin (brown pigmentation) to develop on the skin, and unfortunately can even penetrate through car window glass.
  • Any change in hormonal status with higher levels of estrogen is thought to trigger and aggravate the condition (i.e. birth control pills and pregnancy).Discontinuing the use of contraceptives rarely clears the pigmentation and it may last for many years after discontinuation.
  • After pregnancy Melasma (chloasma) or pigmentation usually clears within a few months of delivery but may persist indefinitely
  • However many women without these risk factors also develop melasma
  • Any activities that cause Intense heat to the face( from steam showers, hot closed environments, sitting on the beach even under cover and with full sun protection, etc causes inflammation which is a powerful stimulator of melanin
  • It is more prevalent in darker-complexioned individuals though persons of any race can be affected due to the intense sun exposure in South Africa.
  • Melasma is seen most frequently in young women but can be seen in men

How can one prevent pigmentation/melasma from forming?

  • Avoid sun exposure and wear a protective hat when outdoors for extended periods to further block these rays.
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ to block the UVA rays every day to help prevent melasma.
  • In addition your sunscreen should also contain an anti oxidant as this stops free radicals which cause pigmentation.
  • At least 5 mls of sunscreen should be applied daily to the face and neck twice a day to prevent melasma.
  • Taking an oral anti oxidant supplement such as Ovelle or Heliocare daily is clinically proven to raise one's level of resistance to the sun and also helps to reduce the melanin content in the skin down the line.
  • As melasma is a dynamic condition and needs to be managed daily and indefinitely, one day of unintentional sun burn can set you back.

Skin Renewal Tip:

A perfect antidote to dull, pigmented skin in the winter months is Skin Renewal's signature facial: the Anti Ageing Mesoglow which is a four -in-one treatment and is exciting everyone who uses it. It's versatile, suits everyone and leaves skin tighter, brighter, younger, fresher and more hydrated.

  • It starts with microdermabrasion using fine crystals to polish away surface debris.
  • Next, transdermal mesotherapy pushes the latest in anti ageing technology Growth factors, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid deep into the dermis. The Growth Factor and Peptides signal the cells that produce collagen to switch on and the hyaluronic acid gives instant hydration to the skin as it pulls in water.
  • The transdermal therapy includes brightening solution which is enriched with the newest biotechnology for pigmentation problems, namely pent peptide 13 and TGP protein complexes, brightening serum addresses, pigmentation on multiple fronts.
  • The Anti Ageing Mesoglow Facial is very good at encouraging lymphatic drainage and reviving lifeless and neglected skin but the best results come down the line when the results of collagen production begin to manifest.

Feel self-conscious about pigmentation

Use topical of oral supplements for pigmentation

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