Do you Love, or Hate, your Thunder Thighs?

Our February Survey tackled the hush-hush topic of “do you love, or hate, your thunder-thighs”, herewith the combined honest feedback of 44 respondents:

  • Almost 80% of respondents indicated that their body shape is within healthy parameters – this is a great indication of a balanced eating and exercise regime. In contrast 7% stated their bodies are “thin and probably not healthy”, with a further 11% indicating “overweight, and probably not healthy”. Both extremes can be addressed with active lifestyle changes and this does not have to break the bank. At Health Renewal we can advise on safe and effective supplements, diet adjustments and offer our own tried & tested Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss programme! Only 2 respondents indicated that they Love their thighs; 26 Hate their thighs, and a further 16 are not bothered with the appearance of their thighs.
  • BMI is your Body Mass Index, and is a measurement tool to assist in determining health weight ratio. This is easily calculated by taking your weight (in kilograms) over your height squared (in centimetres). The results will fall into one of these categories, giving an indication of your height to weight ratio:

- Underweight: 18.5 or less

- Healthy weight: 18.5 - 24.9

- Overweight: 25 - 29.9

- Obese: 30 or greater

  • The preferred visual appearance of thighs, with 77%, is “lean & healthy”, with 23% of respondents preferring “healthy & strong”.
  • When it comes to “What would you change about your thighs” the Nr 1 concern is not unsurprisingly… “Cellulite”, with 66% of respondents indicating this as the thing they would change. “Excess adipose tissue (fat)” is second with 32%, whilst “No definition, or tone” and “Stretchmarks” come in at a joined third place.
  • All respondents had some form of cellulite: 31 out of 44 indicating that visible grades 2 & 3 being a bothersome concern.
  • Regular detoxing is essential, especially to flush the body of harmful toxins! 25 respondents never detox, with a further 18 doing a detox only once every 6months.
  • The good news for the 80% of respondents that indicated they want to lose weight is that at Renewal Institute we have the tried & tested Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Programme.. Contact your closest branch to set-up an appointment.
  • 65.9% of respondents have not tried any of the treatments available at Body Renewal to assist with body shaping, or weight loss! What are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation with one of our Doctors and let us help you create a customised treatment package for tackling those bothersome body concerns, with a wide range of treatments such as radiofrequency, carboxytherapy, and even cryolipo fat freezing we will have something to suite your budget and objective.
  • Most respondents are doing some sort of support function to improve the appearance of their thighs! Keep up the good work, every bit helps!

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