Body Shaping Survey

    From 89 respondents that completed our September survey, 74% indicated that they are self-conscious about their body shape & size, even though 60% are not overweight. Following this only 38% of respondents are comfortable in swimwear, with the rest indicating they “don’t like not being fully clothed”.

    57% of resondents are at normal healthy weight, with the majority indicateing they need to lose weight, but only 0-5kg, so this is a healthy indication. If you stuggle with weight loss and are looking for an effective, safe and healthy way to lose weight, why not schedule a consultation with one of our Registered Nurses who can tell you more about the Renewal Institute Diet (RID).

    43% of respondents want to lose general weight, and 56% wish to only lose weight in specific areas. With body shaping it is important to note that the patient first needs to lose weight and be at normal BMI, before attempting to do specific shaping or toning treatments to achieve the best results.

    The main motivation factor to lose weight is “feeling good about yourself” at 48%, and “being healthy” comes in second at 36%.

    Almost 50% of respondents are “constantly on a eating program and exercise regularly”, which is a good indication of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The other 50% follow a diet & exercise before holidays, or at beginning and end of the year. Be careful of ‘yo-yo dieting’ and rather follow healthy habits throughout the year to maintain a healthy weight.

    The majorty of respondents have a hourglass figure at 34%, a pear shaped body is the second most common shape at 29%, and the inverted triangle is the least at only 4%.

    Only 25 of the respondents have had body shaping treatments at Renewal Institute, with the most common treatment being carboxytherapy, radiofrequency and cryolipo fat freezing. Learn more about these treatments and what they can do for you by following the links above.

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